Friday, June 17, 2011

Tao Yuan, Manila + Dessert in Hyatt - Food, glorious food!

Is my blog turning into a food blog? O_o 

It's been a lot easier to take pictures since I got a new phone so I guess I will be making more food posts. I am usually too lazy to bring a camera when I go out so please bear with my laziness. ^_^

Tao Yuan is a popular destination among foodies here, and is said to serve the best "Singaporean food" in Manila. I wondered if it was true? Keeping in mind that some places are just overrated. We tried to go here twice but couldn't find any parking so we deemed best to go there before 6PM.

Complimentary appetizer.


FOOD!!! Glorious food. Mwuahahahaha! x)

Hainanese Chicken

Lechon Macau.

Green Beans with Tofu and Pork

Yang Chow Fried rice.

Steamed Lapu-lapu with soy sauce.
The first picture is the whole fish and the 2nd one is a picture of the fish deboned. :)

Complimentary Dessert - Almond Jelly with fruit cocktail.

The servers are very attentive and friendly. They are also knowledgeable about the food on their menu. Don't you just hate it when you ask a server something and he looks as clueless as you did on your first day of school? 

The place easily gets crowded so it is best to make reservations. I loved the hainanese chicken and lechon macau! Yes, I can be very picky with food sometimes, especially when I am expecting the food to be great, the place/resto needs to live up and this one did!

We didn't order chili crabs because of my terrible allergy to crustaceans. 

They are also very generous and give complimentary appetizer and dessert but let me warn you that the prices  aren't that budget friendly. I still think it's worth it though..  

Tao Yuan Restaurant, Manila

We also had dessert at Hyatt, Manila.


Mango Pavlova and Coffee.

I like their coffee. It reminds me of Lavazza. :3 For someone who is also allergic to mangoes, I still tend to eat a lot of it. :P 
My sister didn't like the tiramisu. She said it tasted like skim milk. O_o I cannot comment on the taste of the mango pavlova because it seemed just sweet and a bit too flat to me, but I am attributing it to my cold. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! =)
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