Thursday, June 2, 2011

KKcenterHK - ES A051 (Review)

A while back I was contacted by Maggie and  was given the chance to review false eyelashes from KKcenterHK. The KKcenterHK is an online one stop shop based in Hongkong. They sell false eyelashes, makeup, nail products and other beauty products at a very reasonable price! :) 

Maggie said I could pick out which lashes I wanted to review so I went ahead and looked for falsies (false eyelashes) with a clear band. I prefer false eyelashes with clear bands because I think they are easier to work with and are fool proof. 

This is the box the eyelashes came in. Still intact & undamaged by the shipping.
I received the box inside a padded envelop last week! The packaging was simple, not wasteful yet the product inside was ensured to get safely to its destination.

Criss-cross eyelashes with a clear lash band.

10 pairs of these eyelashes cost only USD$5.68

Of course these lashes deserve an EOTD look but I ended up doing the eye makeup looks at night hence the terrible lighting in the pictures. I hope you can still see the lashes clearly.

The doll eyed look. I used neutral eyeshadows to achieve this look.

close up.

Tip: After putting on the falsies, re-apply your eyeliner. :)

Night time party look.

Always remember to put extra eye glue/putti on the ends of your eyelashes as that's the part where they usually peel/come off.

Trying out Guerlain's foundation. :/ As you can see it is not for me.
TIP: You can use a white eyeliner and layer it with any eyeshadow color you want to to achieve the look I have for my under eye area. If you want a tutorial please leave me a comment below so I can do a tutorial.

- Accentuates the eyes but doesn't look artificial. These eyelashes aren't shiny nor do they look fake.
- Easy to use. The band is very flexible and it is quite easy to work with.
- Affordable.
- Comfortable.
- Made for small-medium eyes. The eyelashes fit my eyes perfectly.
- Made with syntethic hair that are not heavy and won't make your eyelids droop.

- May not be for people who dislike purchasing items online.

- Some people may prefer eyelashes with black bands but I still prefer these over traditional black banded eyelashes.
- The lashes may be a bit stiff and aren't the softest but the stiffness makes the eyelashes retain its shape and last longer.

Overall I would say that while these may not be the softest eyelashes I have tried they still do a pretty decent job for the price. They are re-usable and are pretty on the eyes without much discomfort.

By the way I think the KKcenterhk has an ongoing promotion

KKcenterhk, I  Heart Beauty Lucky Draw

 From 1 June 2011 to 1 August 2011

You can also like their Facebook page HERE to stay tuned to their latest updates & promotions!

Do you also like lashes with clear bands or do you prefer the traditional ones with a black band?

NOTE: The product above was sent for me to try out/sample. This however does not influence my review and what is written above is my honest opinion.

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