Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feature: Manels Campus Search Winners

I received an email from Manel's and thought of sharing the article with everyone:

This week officially marked first day of school for most kids around the country. While most kids are coming in excited to a new school year, three students are coming into the school year with something more than just the typical new shoes, new books, and new clothes: a new modeling title. Katrina Aurellano, Roncel Camins, and Kimberly Espiritu are all incoming college sophomores this school year as Brand Ambassadors to the country's leading leather goods brand, Manels.

Last April, Manels launched an online model search to look for students who can represent Manels in ushering in the new school year. "We wanted to find brand representatives with whom students can truly identify with" says Mark Siggaoat, VP of Operations for Manels. The contest asked for students to put together their own concept and photo shoot. No specific guideline on the theme was given except to put together their own twist into the Back-to-School season, depicting the latest trends and stylings of the new school year. "More than fresh faces, we looked for entries that embodied a lot of attitude in executing their personal style and creativity" says Siggaoat. In the winning entries, Katrina and Kimberly accented their chunky-heeled Manels shoes with colorful knee-high stockings. For Roncel, classic Manels oxfords were highlighted in his khaki cut-offs and paired with a leather messenger bag. All photographs were taken by fellow college student Joseph Brillantes.

As Brand Ambassadors, the three have won a one-year contract and a lot of merchandise freebies from Manels. They will be gaining exposure through in-store marketing collaterals as well as online exposure through blogs and official social networking accounts of Manels. "The response has been encouraging enough for us to consider running this again next year" says Siggaoat. 

Information on the Company: 
Since 1964, Manels has been making premium leather goods through time-perfected techniques of craftsmen & skilled artisans. Whether classic styles for everyday use or for glammed up special occasions, Manels is synonymous with the best in leather.

Oh, it's that time of the year again when students go marching back to school. Hello traffic in NCR! LOL! Kidding aside I guess it's once again time for students to go shopping for new stuff for school; brave their way to another school year and make the most out of it! 

As I have previously said, I don't shop for shoes as much as other ladies do. :) I don't think Manels make broken sizes anyway and I haven't really checked. But I do know that my mom has bought some shoes from them so I asked her what she thinks about those shoes. According to her, Manels shoes are durable and quite stylish. I think it's great to shop for shoes if you can find sizes that fit haha! =D

I also think that it's great to have real and ordinary students to be brand ambassadors. Because they're people that ordinary consumers like us can relate to. ;) I think it's a wonderful project because it inspires people to bring out their creative side. And I'm quite sure the contestants also had fun doing the shoot/s. I am applauding the winners for a job well done! 

Manels also make other leather goods such as bags, wallets, etc.. I was checking their Facebook fan page and I saw these gorgeous bags! 
I think these designs are very chic and will be great for students and working ladies too!

You can check the Manels Facebook page at and at their official Twitter account

Note: Article published on my own volition. I am not affiliated nor paid by the company to post this. Thank you!

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