Monday, June 27, 2011

I'M BACK! (Ugghhh again...? :P) + Bits+Treats Thanksgiving giveaway

Hi everyone! Sorry if I have been MIA lately. I got stranded in traffic the other night while it was raining very hard and now my car smells like rotten fish thanks to the wet flooring. :) LOL! Yes, I think I need to laugh at it otherwise I might get wrinkles for frowning.

Moving on... I just wanted to let everyone know that Lady E is having a Thanksgiving giveaway on her blog, Bits and Treats ATM.

Prizes include:

There are so many wonderful prizes up for grabs so I suggest you join her giveaway too. Lady E is one of the first people I followed on Blogger. I met her during the Bobbi Brown event. She's just lovely, friendly and well generous too! <3

EDIT: Will post a review later. :)

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