Sunday, June 19, 2011

Contest CLOSED + June 19, 2011 Pictures - Food Glorious Food!!! =)

Hello everyone! It's almost 1AM  in the Philippines so I want everyone to know that my contest which can be found HERE is closed. =)

Ideally, I should have written a post to answer my question, but I think I won't be doing that since the last family I wrote a love letter to never got to read it and is no longer with us.

I will need the help of my co-judges to decide who will win. Thank you to everyone who joined! I truly appreciate your efforts. I shall announce the winner next week. :)

It' been raining hard since last night so we thought we wouldn't be able to go out to celebrate Father's day. As I said on Twitter, it's been raining cats and dogs and maybe pandas and koalas too. We were surprised when my parents along with my brother traveled all the way from Nueva Ecija so we could have dinner together as a family.

We went to Alba's - a Spanish Restaurant in Tomas Morato.

The wall of their waiting area is full of news clips and awards.

Lechon de Leche and Roast Beef. 
I forgot to take a photo of the Lengua Sevillana. >.<

Pollo (chicken) something and another dish which I am not familiar with. :p

 Pescado (fish) LOL! Feels like I'm having Spanish 101 again.
Sorry I also forgot what this dish is called. :p

Chicken Lollipop on the left! LOL! Some mushroom dish is on the right.

 Tortilla and oriental salad.

Paella Valenciana
No left over policy - means don't horde food you can't eat.

Paella Negra 


Fresh Fruit Platter full of tropical fruits. :)

Spanish singing Trio.
The other "Kuya" was camera shy and hid in the corner.

They also gave my Father a goodie bag:

 Enky examining the contents of the goodie bag.

Still in the process of examining...

Family picture! =)

Alba's was jam-packed with diners who wanted to celebrate father's day. You will rarely hear me rant about the service of a restaurant. If you hear me rant that probably means you shouldn't even go there because they have terrible service. I think all the servers were nice and one server even cleaned after me when I twice dropped a watermelon slice. :p Yes, I'm kind of clumsy. One of the restaurant patrons looked at me with accusing eyes and I ignored him and kept getting more food. 

We all ordered the buffet which I believe was reasonably priced at around 700Php. All the food I ate I labeled properly and the ones I skipped were the ones I wasn't interested in. All the food disappeared really quickly and the staff kept replenishing the food. I guess some diners were famished. LOL! 

My only complaint is that the food was rather a bit oily for my liking but it's always been like that in Alba's. I guess some people like oily food... :/ 

We also had bubble tea but I'll just post about Bubble Teas next time. I promise my next post won't be about food though. LOL! x)

Alba Restaurante Español

Tomas Morato cor. Sct. Lozano, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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