Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Puerto Del Sol, Bolinao, Pangasinan - (picture heavy)

Those who follow me on Twitter would know that I have been away for 2 days and went to the beach. =) YAYYYY because it only started raining on our way home and not while we were still there.

Within the picturesque town of Bolinao is a highly exclusive and uniquely inspired seaside resort/hotel, which offers the ultimate in elegance, grace and detail - Puerto Del Sol. Majestic natural wonders, world-class accommodation and amenities, plus the warmth and friendliness of the service staff make Puerto del Sol the ideal destination for major relaxation.- description.

This is the first place we went to upon arriving! :P

The "patay gutom" (literally translates to dead hungry, it means extremely hungry however and given the fact that I am always hungry I am therefore a patay gutom).

Puerto Del Sol charges a corkage fee for food brought from outside. 
Their restaurant staff is very friendly and attentive. The food, especially the sea food is very fresh! Although I cannot comment on the taste because my taste buds are impaired at the moment due to a cold. 
 My only complaint was I got hungry way past midnight and their room service and restaurant closed at 10:00 PM. :(

 Dinner. :)

Will let the pictures below explain why I loved my stay here..

The pool. 

The villas on the side are also for rent. :)

We pretty much had the resort to ourselves because one of their staff told me that it was only 30% full.

One of the cottages called "KUBO".

 ermmm.. next picture please!

My sister, Enky chillaxing (chill+relaxing)

 Now let me show you the beach/sea shore pictures:
Bea A.K.A. Hamham heading to the beach.

Everytime I want to take a picture my sisters pop out like a jack-in-a-box does. :p

So I took a walk alone.

It was so serene and peaceful. The waves were also very calm.

I read somewhere that this is where the white sand on the aquariums is from.
The sand here is fine and not rough. I actually plunged in but got itchy because I think I somehow met a jelly fish along the way. :p

I made it to the other resort's side so I went back home. 

I'm actually not a fan of the beach. I actually dread the though of being away from civilization but it's also nice to welcome change once in a while.

Crazy night swimming people. :/ 
And one would wonder why my sister has so many bathing suits with her. LOL!
Ermmm... >.<"
I promised Miss Tish that I would do an OOTD with this on so here is it. LOL! x)
I won this from her and Cocomo Beach Wear's giveaway. Thank you for this very sexy one piece!

I wanted to rest alone but they wouldn't let me. My mom or my sisters kept following me around.

More cam-whoring pictures. 

 Home bound! =)
with my sisters, Enky says we should call her Enky Love because she is lovable.
(She also turns into a liger when she's mad. :p)

We also drove by this light house.

 Mandatory cam whoring picture near the cliff!

The view is amazing! :) I think this is the China sea. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Overall, I would recommend Puerto Del Sol to anyone who wants to unwind and relax. The place is absolutely amazing! They also offer a variety of services and facilities. All of the staff members I met are friendly and helpful. 

The guard even caught me trying to sneak in to the beach at around midnight. :P He said I could walk but I shouldn't go to the water because there was no life guard on duty. (As if I will. It was pitch dark and FYI I never learned how to swim.) I was actually on a mission to look for a "shokoy" (merman) LOL! Kidding.. :P

Prices are rather steep but they offer discounts for off the peak season. Actually, I am not a fan of crowded places so I guess I will go back here seeing it's the only beach I have gone to and did not hate afterwards.

For more information about Puerto Del Sol please visit their site HERE. 

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