Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hello everyone! :) I thought it was about time to do a giveaway, but instead of the traditional giveaway and the "enter me" comments I wanted those who want to join to be creative and to answer the question...

"If your father was a super-hero or a fictional character who would he be and why?"

Please make your answer/s as original as you possibly can. =)

You may write your answers on your blogs or post a note on your Facebook page and write whatever title you want to name it so as long as you do the following:

1. Be a GFC/Networked blogs follower of this blog.
2. Leave your GFC/Facebook name with your email and;
3. Write your answer in your blog/facebook page then leave the link on the comments section below so I can check your entry.

This contest is open to all male and female followers of my blog . I will pick the price depending on who wins. I will make sure that it's going to be something you're going to like. ;)

All entries will be judged according to content and creativity. The contest is open to all countries. ^__^

I would really appreciate it if you will join. I'm sure your fathers will also be flattered to see you write what you think about them. 

This contest will end on June 19, 2011 12MN (GMT + 8 hrs), and I will announce the winner after a week because I need to read all the entries.

Thank you! :3


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