Saturday, June 4, 2011

MAC - Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist

Product Description -  Charged water, fused with vital ions from a diamond and instilled with a spirit-lifting therapeutic aroma, then delivered to the skin in the soothing aura of a revitalizing hydrating mist. Like its source – a diamond – on application it makes the skin feel clear, sparkling, pure and energized. Its aroma, a blend of green tea and citrus.

Plastic bottle comes with a twistable cap which makes it ideal for traveling.

May be used as:
- As a toner before I put on moisturizer.
- a hydrating mist to refresh in the middle of the day.
- I spray it on my makeup brush to get the colors to appear more vivid.
- I also use it to set/seal my makeup.

- Multi-tasking product.
- Did not break me out.
- Contains added minerals which are beneficial to the skin and may be used for skincare.
- Feels so refreshing at the middle of the day!
- Easy to bring along and does not spill due to the lock.
- Makes makeup last longer and makes everything blend together. :p (Yes it does IMO.)
- Prevents makeup from looking too powdery.
- Sprays a fine mist. Will not mess up your makeup.
- The mist does not feel sticky and will be absorbed by the skin.

- May be a bit expensive.
- I think this was discontinued so I am not sure if it can still be purchased elsewhere.

Compared to MAC Fix Plus:

I asked the SA what were the differences between the two products. She said they were the same so I picked this up because it is also beneficial to the skin whereas Fix can only be used to seal makeup. Also, I think this is more expensive in other countries but the products had the same price here so I opted for this rather than th Fix Plus.

- This has a scent which I am not crazy about but I have been using it for quite some time so I have adjusted to it.


I really like this product. I have read reviews which said that this product has been discontinued. :( I hope MAC comes out with a better product if that's true because I plan to repurchase this.

NOTE: Review requested by the ever so gorgeous, Charles. <3

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