Thursday, June 23, 2011

If your dad was a fictional character or super hero, who would he be and why? - Contest winner!!

I started a contest a while ago to inspire everyone to express their feelings towards their dads because I don't think everyone gets to express his/her feelings on a daily basis. I realize that not everyone has a good relationship with their fathers, however you would not be here on earth if it weren't for them (your fathers). Also, if your father is great and loves you so, you are likely influenced by him and look up to him up to this day; if he isn't then you should have learned what not to do when you become a parent. Good and bad experiences when put together mold us as persons, please keep that in mind.

Now without writing an over dramatic entry I have chosen a character for my dad when I first thought of the contest.

Ok, I know Dumbledore is gay and my father isn't, but sexuality didn't serve as a basis for my comparison.

To summarize:
- Had a good heart and has touched the lives of many people.
- Not only intelligent; he is wise.
- Despite widely known as being a great man, he remained humble and still has a good time in the oddest possible ways.
- He was always there for Harry and appeared every time Harry needed him the most but also gave Harry time to grow on his own.
- Above all I think, of all the characters in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, Dumbledore always believed in Harry and never doubted him for a second.

Without further ado...

The winner is

Charles A.K.A. wickermoss 
with her entry

I think the best pieces of writing are those which are able to convey the thoughts of the writer to the reader. Reading her post made me feel a sense of longing, pain, sadness and love. I also know she put a lot of effort in writing it. As I said before, the best words ever written are those that come from the heart, Charles post is an affirmation of that belief.

Charles will receive the following gifts from me. Of course the prizes only come in 2nd because I think the real prize is being able to express the feelings and having people appreciate what you have written. :)

Sigma F80

A Travel size powder brush from Sigma.

OPI lil shooters

NYX Black Label Lipstick in Dusty Rose


A dinner at Mister Kabab because I personally want to hand her the prizes as soon as I get them because I just ordered everything except for the Sigma travel brush. :) I actually have a spare of it here and Charles told me before that she needed a good powder brush. Actually, Charles helped me shop for her prizes LOL! I was asking her what she though a while ago in twitter and she help me decide.  I previously said that I was going to pick out prizes depending on who won did I not?  :)

Thank you for being so cooperative Gorgeous! Hope to see you soon! <3

Have a great weekend everyone! =)

I would like to apologize for the delay in announcing the winner. >.<" My wifi connection has been really wonky lately.

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