Monday, June 6, 2011

I like Fried Doves with Pickled Snake Bile (be as innocent as doves and wise as serpents)

Let me take you back to the year 2007:

Manila Hotel
Long Striped Gown: Salvatore Ferragamo

For someone whose been branded as heartless. I now wonder and feel as if that heart still ceases to exist, but it just so happened to be hollow inside.
Disillusioned by fairy tales, turned into stories of hate. Dashing princes who soon prove to be but nothing but detestable jerks. Sometimes I can't help but wonder why we all look forward to loving when we always end up getting hurt.
To be in a quest of the one lost love to fill the hollow space within. Though, perhaps that space was meant to stay as it is....
The one love we seek is somehow love in the vast world of the other hopeless romantics till some goddess knocks him off his feet and sweeps him off.
While the helpless girl stays amongst the crowd still looking, not aware that she will never find him for he is already entangled in someone else's arms.
"Love eludes those who seek to find it." Yet, if we give up hope and stop to seek for it, it could someone forever be lost amidst the crowd and never find it's way back."

Now, fast forward October 01, 2010:

"Goodbyes are painful but are an inevitable part of life. It's something we have to go through a certain point as we get older and hopefully make us somehow a bit stronger.

I wish to thank you for making me smile;
for having stayed even for just a little while.
You're someone I always wanted to hold,
but you have grown too distant and cold.

Thanks for everything that you have done.
You're heaven's gift, cupid's curse all in one...
A moment of bliss always too soon taken & gone.

Thank you for breathing color to my life;
but then, love is but a double edged knife.
It cuts too deep, but no one will see...
The pain lingers, agonizing and torturous as it should be...

Is it a game we play only to lose?
A pawn on the chessboard that's just being used.
There were times when I tried to reason,
but my heart just kept committing treason.

Please do remember that you'll always be missed.
No regrets, no bitter feelings just a solemn wish.
I do want you to be happy with another girl's kiss.

And, I pray that you will find your love;
the one I yearn for, but cannot have.

It hurts that the time has come for me to let go,
I will smile for you though you won't see the tears flow..
I think that you should know -
Baby it burns, but baby I truly love you so. 

Words that come from the brain make good money, but I believe the most beautiful
and most sincere words ever spoken or written will always come from the heart. ♥

I was told this was out of character but then again, say hello to that part of me which you seldom see or hear."

I haven't gone crazy or anything like that at all. Please don't worry about me, LOL! x) My friend Fauxxx has just tagged me on Facebook and has linked me to a site of past conversations. Hence the title, which was also culled from those long talks/chats. I am amazed at how some things haven't changed at all. :P

On a brighter note, my Dad once told me that "Men should always find women they want to be with for the rest of their lives; it shouldn't be the other way around." Now call me old fashioned but I really haven't found that person who knocked me off my feet yet. And I have long decided that I wanted to go with the old fashioned theme on this aspect of my life. Hopefully, when that time comes I won't really get knocked down literally. x) 

*Keeping my fingers crossed that Fauxxx won't read this because it might shock him. O.o And he actually might comment and tease me. LOL!

I also know that I have some followers who are not into makeup so here's sharing a little something about me to the rest of you. 

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