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Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20 Beige - Tendre *HG

Hello everyone! I have been testing this foundation for quite some time and I owe Pammy and G this review so here it is! =) 
Many of you may have heard of this foundation since it's quite popular in Youtube and the blogging community. It is often labeled as Holy Grail (HG) by it's users while there are those who did not like it. Generally, the reviews you will see are positive but as always I will list down all the pros and cons on the product. 

A new-generation texture. An unprecedented sensory experience. A unique makeup result. Rapid and easy application. VITALUMIÈRE AQUA. Apply your makeup without thinking about it.
Its soft and evanescent ultra-fine fluid texture is a real surprise. Although it is exceptionally delicate and light, an incomparable “second-skin” perfecting result is achieved. The complexion appears amazingly even, fresh and energized. The skin glows with seemingly nude beauty. As if glowing from within. Bathed in light…

If I may so say, WTF is bathed in light?!? ROTFL!
* A disco ball for a head flashes in mind... 
Ok, ok... Should not let my imagination run away like that, that totally got me, my bad. =_= Should probably check product descriptions before I write reviews so I won't type something like this next time.
Now on to the review...

Has a screw top bottle or a nozzle applicator.

The bottle is made of plastic. I do know that most Chanel foundations are in glass
bottles and I honestly do not know why this one isn't.


fully blended.
Believe me the skin on the back part of my hand is uber dry. :/

Finish: Semi matte. A bit dewy but looks very natural. Dewy like pretty dewy or luminous, not like you got drenched with sweat/water or got over oily, ok?  

Coverage: Light to Medium

Scent: Has a scent which reminds me of skincare products which does not bother me at all because I really like the scent and I tend to even take a sniff at it at times. :p

Texture: Creamy when properly used. Yes, you need to shake the bottle. It feels velvety and nice to the touch. (I would like to put fluffy in because I like fluffy things but it won't sound right so just think of something that's really nice to the touch ok?)

Application: I was told by the Chanel SA to use a traditional foundation brush but because I'm stubborn I have used that, a flat top kabuki and my fingers to apply this product. And I must say that I am amazed by the finish because it looks exactly the same no matter what I use.

I have used a drugstore foundation which was labeled as "weightless" yet I find that this feels lighter on the skin. No, it is not weightless. It is just the lightest foundation I have tried as of date and it feels so good on the skin. 

- Semi-matte-dewy finish that looks natural.
- Did not break me out.
- Evens out the skin tone. When you are using this foundation you will feel that it's just a 2nd layer of skin that you are putting on and that 2nd layer is just better than your real skin. (Really!)
- Photogenic foundation. Does not have a flashback. (Yes, this is important to me. Anything that makes me look like a white lady in pictures is a "NO-GO!")
- Feels nice when applied on. (I cannot stress this enough. I have a thing for makeup that feels good when applied on the skin.)
- Does not cake. Yes, you can pile it on and it won't go cakey on you. 
- Long lasting.
- A little product goes a long way. For me its about 2 squeezes because I have a big face IMO.

- Pricey, which is a given since it is from Chanel.
- The shades are limited. And by this I mean the shades are really limited! It will be hard to find a match for most people especially for those with darker skin tones. 
- The instructions say that you need to shake the product and yes, you MUST and SHALL shake it really well before you apply it because if you don't it will come out all liquidly and won't work at all.
- Coverage may be too light for some. You may need a concealer to spot conceal skin imperfections as this will not cover everything.
- Low SPF.
- Needs to be re-touched because it will not control the oiliness of the skin but lasts longer than most liquid foundations I have tried.

- Packaging is not appealing to me. :p Seriously, I expect better packaging from high end products but this does not meet those standards. The screw top applicator on the other hand is something I like at it always seem to dispense the right amount of product every time. It is also very compact and easy to bring along anywhere.


Yes, it's my HG foundation because I found a match for my skin tone. I also like the finish this product has and it looks natural on pictures. It feels so light on the skin too. Lately, I have been hating products that feel heavy on my face.
I also don't mind shaking the bottle. I think of it as exercise. :p

I just listed down the CONS for your reference, so that this review will be useful and not too bias. After all I did say that this is my current HG foundation, did I not?

I love this foundation so much that I now want to try Lunasol's Water Foundation and Paul & Joe's foundation S. T___T I heard those two feels super light on the skin too.

Dear Piggy Bank, Don't ever give up on me. :p

Do you like light weight foundations? What's the most light weight foundation you have tried as of date? =)

Have to go. Will check and edit this later if I need to. Thanks for reading! 

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