Monday, May 30, 2011

Cure Natural Aqua Gel - Skincare diary

If you have been following my blog, you might have previously read my post about acquiring this product HERE. 

For more info about the product please visit this site.

Yay for finishing almost 50% of the product! :P

The original packaging includes a stopper and I only take it out when I use it to prevent spillage.

Pump dispenser which may pump a little too product at times. 

The product comes out clear. 
It should be left on the skin for a few seconds until you see it get a bit cloudy. You may then start to rub it in circular and gentle motions. I only use this product once or twice a week - depending on the level of my laziness.

The product has a scent to it which kind of reminds me of alcohol but is rather mild so it does not bother me at all.

 Please do not scroll down if you are easily grossed out as the picture below may offend you...

The white clumps are said to be dry or dead skin

What my skin looked like after exfoliating.

I have read reviews on this product which said it broke them out or that it's an over hyped product. I would tell you that from experience this has not broken me out. If anything, I think it has helped improve my skin and have somewhat lessen the appearance of my large pores. It does remove dry skin because after I use this my skin feels clean and becomes a bit clearer. :P 

I do like this product. I however would advice those who want to try this to keep their expectations realistic because it won't turn the skin smooth, radiant and youthful overnight. It requires time and a few uses before you will see the positive result/s which will not make you go "WOW!" O.O or anything like that but will help your skin improve. 

Ok, I take it back, you might go "WOW!" O.O and be amazed on the first use, especially when you see clumps forming on your skin.. That does not mean that your skin will magically become clear and supple after using it. :P Yes, it will feel cleaner and there might be some visible results such as brighter complexion but that's it. Your skin will go back into it's original state after a few hours and will get oily if you have oily skin. (This is the reason why I say that expectations should be realistic.)

As for people who say that this will turn rubbery after a few months, I would like to say that mine hasn't turned into anything like that at all. It is still in gel form and doesn't show signs of turning into rubber soon. (Should it turn into rubber in the future I will let everyone know that it did.)

- Gets the job done.
- Did not break me out.

- Hard to get outside Asia.
- May be a bit expensive.
- An extra step in skincare. Not for lazy people out there I suppose. 

I can tell you that since I started to use this product,  I have gone & searched  for other products that may be similar or which might compare to it. Some of the products which I found are:

- Missha Super Aqua Detoxifying Peeling Gel
- Purederm Dual Wellbeing Pack - gets all rubber and clumpy even before you start rubbing it on your skin. LOL!!!! Has anyone tried this? :P
- Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel
- Etude House Magic Enzyme Peeling Gel

All of the above mentioned are more widely available (especially to Philippine based readers) and are cheaper. =)

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