Friday, May 27, 2011

Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer 06 'Can-can'

Product Description:
With the vibrant colors of lipstick and the vivacious shimmer of lip gloss, Lip Lacquer provides a sheer texture that applies easy for a perfect pucker. Formulated to keep lips hydrated and add fuller dimension, applying Lip Lacquer ensures a fresh look and sheer finish that lasts all night. source

The website says that this is a gorgeous and bright pink shade.
I wouldn't say that it's as bright or bold as some lip colors are, but I would have to agree that it's gorgeous and gives a nice & healthy color to the lips.

Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer 06 "Can-can"

My camera always make my skin look 2 tones darker. :(

Somewhat sheer and somewhat opaque if you know what I mean. It has good coverage although
it will not hide overly pigmented lips. :)

(Remind me not to take lip swatches when I'm sick as my lips look so dry. )
Please excuse my chapped & dry lips. ^-^

Texture - Light but has somewhat a sticky almost tacky texture, which is not as bothersome as some MAC lip glosses but makes the color last longer.

Price - Php 1,250 or a little above $20. 

Scent - As my olfactory senses aren't working at the moment. I asked my brother what it smells like. According to him, it reminded him of crayons. However, I wouldn't say that the scent lasts because I don't remember this having a horrid scent or anything like that.

Staying Power - is decent. I'd say it stays longer than other lipglosses.

Color - The color payoff is amazing. It's almost like liquid lipstick.

- Long lasting. 
- Moisturizing. (Yes, it is. Please note that I am sick and that's the reason why my lips are super dry as of the moment.)
- The color is such a pretty and girly pink! :3
- Color is almost opaque. It depends on how pigmented your lips are. 
- Color can be worn all throughout the year! :)

- As with Paul & Joe products. The lip lacquers may be hard to find.
- Might be expensive to some.
- Might not work for people with pigmented lips.


Heads up Paul & Joe lovers! The New & Limited 2011 Summer Collection is now available at Rustan's Makati. :3
Do not hoard until I get well, please... ^__^"

Thank you so much for reading! :)

Are you planning to pick up anything from the LE Summer Collection? :]

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