Friday, May 6, 2011

L'Oreal Paris - UV Perfect

The summer heat is killing me!!! I am saying this with tons of passion as I stare at the airconditioning unit which I barely turn off nowadays. I thought this post would be apt for the sweltering weather we are experiencing nowadays.

A long time ago... Erm, about a year or so I believe I barely used sunscreen as I hated sticky products that cling on my skin and just sit there. >.<" Sunscreen also proved to be an enemy of flash photography and made me look like a white lady! I avoided it with lots of passion too. :P

My mind changed when I realized the importance of SPF and when I saw wrinkles appearing on my forehead and face. Fast forward last month I was looking for an alternative for Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense with SPF50 PA+++ UVA which I loved so much! I received tons of samples when I purchased their products last month and have been using those in meager amounts so that it will last. But I knew I had to look for an alternative or just buy the tube and be poor. :P

My search for a good sun screen led me to....

L'OREAL says, "For 60 years, L'Oreal has been developing a strong expertise on women's skin, through advanced research and partnership with dermatologists worldwide. Our products provide visible results to every woman, at any age.
L'oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise is one of the most appreciated and trusted skincare brands worldwide."

"Every day, your skin faces multiple aggressions-such as UV rays and atmospherical pollution - that trigger the creation of free radicals, responsible for attacking cells and breaking elastin and collagen fibers. The result is a deep alteration of skin and cells functions.

L'Oreal Skincare Laboratories create new UV PERFECT - enriched with a powerful Anti-Oxidant |complex - for an inside/out protection against brown spots, darkening and premature aging."

Box says, Longlasing UVA/UVB Protector
-Anti-Oxidants + XL Block -

The ingredients list is very long and I am too lazy to copy and type everything but it is very similar to Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense with SPF50 PA+++ UVA.

USAGE: Can be used at the end of your skincare routine, as a daily moisturising make-up base.

Packaging is sleek and dispenses the right amount of product. :) 

Texture: A New velvety light texture: 
- Ultra Fine and very smooth to apply, it leaves your skin non greasy, and non-sticky.
- Quickly absorbed, does not leave white streaks.

UV Perfect is available in 2 kinds: First is the Traditional- White creamy sunblock and the Apricot - Even complexion. I picked up the latter because it blends well with my skin and doesn't leave a white cast.

picture taken under indoor lighting.

with flash. As you can see it does not create a ghostly white cast and just melts and blends in with my skin.


- I use this after I tone and moisturize my face. 
- Even if I am not going to wear any makeup I seal it with a finishing powder because my skin tends to get oily with this on.
- If I will be wearing makeup I use this before the primer/foundation. :)


- Affordable.
- The texture is very light. Promise! 
- This product gets quickly absorbed by the skin.
- Can be used as a makeup base or worn alone.
- Evens out complexion.
- The packaging is very easy to tote around and bring along. The tube dispenses the right amount of product.
- SPF 50 UVB UVA PA+++ baby!!! :P
- Does not make my makeup slide off my skin like other sunblocks do.


- My t-zone gets oily after a couple of hours with this sunblock while Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense with SPF50 PA+++ UVA does not make my skin oily.
- I think this is a product that's available only in Asia. Please correct me if I am wrong.

What's your favorite sun block? :)

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