Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Paul & Joe - Moisture Lip Treatment

Thank you for your kind words and for letting me feel I'm special on my last post. ^_^ For those who asked what my 2nd degree is - it's LLB which stands for Legum Baccalarues or Bachelor of Laws. Hence, the Violet Tassle and hood on the toga.

And yes, I know I don't act all lawyer-like and all but I still will be a lawyer someday, hopefully. LOL! =D

Moving on...

It's another Paul & Joe post! YAYYY!!! :P

After my EOS Sweet Mint failed to keep my lips moisturized I moved on to this...

I noticed that my P&J lipsticks were very moisturizing so I thought I'd give their lip treatment a try because I have often heard that their skincare is great.

Paul & Joe Moisture Lip Treatment melts delectably onto the lips for a perfectly plump, sensuous pout. Glides lightly and delectably onto lips for a supremely luxurious coat.
  • Creates a generous covering of shine and moisture that keeps lips plumped and lustrous.
  • Natural active ingredients from plants supply rich moisture to the lips.(Product info)

The packaging is simple & elegant. :3

See... I consumed almost 1/4 of it. =)

- The packaging is nice.
- Very moisturizing and is the only lip product that hasn't cracked and dried my lips this summer. 
- Will give the lips a healthy sheen when worn alone.
- Unscented.

- Does not have SPF.
- Not cheap.
- Like all Paul & Joe products, this may be hard to find.

- Might be a bit thick to some but it's a good base for lipsticks and glosses.
- Does not have a minty feel or a tingling sensation.

Overall, I like this lip treatment although I can't say that I will be sticking to it. :3 I'm always on the look-out for better lip balms. ;)

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