Monday, May 16, 2011

A post of all sorts (Pic Heavy)

Hello! I know I still owe you ladies many reviews so if I owe you one or more just leave a comment below to let me know. LOL!

Some of you may know that I graduated last weekend so I thought I'd share some of the pictures. =)

The first gift I opened. This is from Clipper and it's really cute. :@)

Aya requested that I do a OOTD so I will haha! Just not now because I failed to take a picture wearing this dress so I'll do it some other time. I bought this dress from Tyler in Glorietta. I honestly did not want to wear a cocktail dress and opted for something that I can wear again.



FOTD? >.<

Some person might point out that I look way too old to be graduating so I would just like to point out that this is my 2nd course. =)

My makeup after 8 hours. I only retouched my lipstick because it was making my lips very dry.

At Lili, Hyatt, Manila with my cousins super fluffy daughter Bela.
Sorry I was too tired and busy to take pictures but I highly recommend Lili. Their staff is so accomodating & friendly. The food is the best Chinese food I have ever tried. It beats the restaurants that I tried in Hongkong and in Singapore. I would however suggest that you do not dine here if you are on a budget because you might want to kill me after. I super love their suckling pig & peking duck! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Bela with her mom.

with my friends. 

I thought this picture was cute and I was the only one who ruined it so I cropped myself out LOL!

my sister with her S.O.

Enrico and my mom.

A picture with some of the people who came to celebrate with us. :3


Some of the gifts I received. I actually wasn't expecting anything from anyone because I honestly did not plan on joining the graduation ceremony after what happened last month but my parents said I should go so I did. My mom gave me a very special gift but I won't be posting it here. :)

I picked this up yesterday and the Face Color is going out as a gift to a friend and the other two items are gifts for myself. :P LOL! The SA gave me foundie samples to try. :3

A bouquet of Pink long stemmed roses from my lil bro. :)
These are so pretty! <3 

A bath set.

A-HA!!! I think people are trying to tell me to take more baths and just stay in the bath room. =))

I'm sorry, I forgot to take of the bag inside. LOL! x)
A bag from Lancel, Paris.

A fountain pen with ink refills. =)

My father gave me 3 gifts. I would have to say that this is my favorite among all the gifts I received. :3
I do like jewelry pieces because I believe that I can keep items like this forever. x) 


Product Description take from - The Charriol site.

08 02 1139 0 45

"CHARRIOL has become famous for its watches and jewellery freely inspired by the Celtic “torque” adornments and composed of cables. Its twists and turns define an exclusive style that Coralie Charriol – Philippe’s daughter and Art Director, interprets in countless different ways. The necklace, earrings, bracelet and rings are composed with stainless steel and titanium cables (some of them with black or bronze PVD colour treatments) and adorned with silver or steel decors either palladium, pink rose or 18kt gold plated.

Necklace Forever Young Stainless Steel Pink Gold PVD and Cable Lenght in 45 CM"

 I like the name Forever Young! It is indeed very apt and my dad really knows me very well. <3

close up of the ring. :)

I think the Rose gold collection is new to their line so I'm really happy. ^_______^

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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