Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bobbi Brown - Bye bye, Dark Circles (Saying goodbye has never felt so good!)

I was given the opportunity to attend my first blogger event! YAAAYYYY!!!! Thanks to Charles Angel for inviting me. :3

I have been an insomniac for as long as I can remember. Thankfully, I do not have the worse eye bags and dark circles which I will attribute to genes. However I realize that I am growing old - I cannot help but get conscious of my appearance. Usually, I just apply foundation on and skip the concealer but I learned that a corrector and a concealer is a must in our makeup routines because it makes the face brighter and more fresh! 

The ever gorgeous Charles Angel!

Owell of Bobbi Brown moisturized my face with Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Line. 
Then proceeded to apply the following products:

Corrector: in Peach
Concealer: Warm Beige
Foundation: Oil Free Even Finish in Warm Beige
Powder: Sheer Finish Loose in Warm Beige
Cheeks: Pot Rouge in Powder Pink
Lips: Pot Rouge in Powder Pink

Patting on the concealer. :)

Done! :)

While I may not be the best person to ask whether an under eye corrector and concealer works, I can attest that the concealer that was applied under my eyes made my face brighter! :3 I also like the fact that it's easy to apply and the consistency of the products were creamy and can be applied using the ring finger.

Let's get this straight girls, should you choose to apply a concealer with your fingers use the ring finger because it has the lightest pressure among our fingers. You want to apply the concealer on, not rub it off. Hence, a patting motion is the best way to go.

Kai Vinson of Makeup Artist & Trainer of Bobbi Brown New York.

Kai answering our questions and giving us tips.

Kai talked about Bobbi Brown. He said she was very hands on with their products and that she wouldn't release anything if it did not meet her standards. He also said Bobbi wanted normal girls to be able to apply makeup the way professional makeup artists do, that's why they have products that are fool proof and are very easy to work with! 
EG: Their pot rouge can be used on the lips and cheek. 

He also told us that their BB cream was sold out! That it has 3 different colors and caters to women with darker skin tones. :)

Kai is very nice and was eager to answer our questions. He said that he likes the food here, and that he was surprised to find out that our magazines were in English. It was really a fun learning experience! :)

He also gave us some advice on makeup application. Some of the tips he gave us are the following:

- If you are attending an important event lessen the intake of salty and sweet food. Also drink lots of water. Your skin will look better and you will become more radiant.
- The best way to apply concealer in our country is with a brush because the weather is so humid.
- Dark under eyes? Apply a tea bag or a cucumber on the area before you take a shower.
- Wear a bright lipstick when you're in a hurry so that no one will notice the rest of your face is bare.

I look fat in this picture. :] Hihi~

Kai with Charles.

Me with Lady E. =)

Mona Borromeo, Manager of Bobbi Brown also handed all of us a wonderful palette as a parting gift!

Bobbi Brown's Classic Evening Palette


The colors are wearable and great for everyday use. ;)



- I like the blush "Desert Rose" very much! It's such a pretty color and is very pigmented. It also applies smoothly. :3 
- Navajo is a cream and can be used for highlighting. It is matte and does not have sparkles/glitters.
- Flint is a matte taupe and is a good base for eye makeup.
- Black Plum is such a gorgeous eyeshadow with shimmers and I definitely love how creamy and pigmented it is! (I always gravitate towards shimmery eyeshadows anyway. :P)

Truth be told I have no Bobbi Brown makeup in my dresser. I have been honest with you, and regular readers might know that I have always been a sucker for pretty packaging and Bobbi Brown's packaging looks professional and sleek. Being the way I am, I have never really checked out their items before. Now, I realize that I need to pay their counter a visit soon! There's no turning back now - I really like their blush, pot rouge and concealer. :D

After the event I went to Rustan's, ended up at Guerlain's counter and picked these up:

Guerlain's Rachel was super nice and gave me a discount plus a purse for my purchase. :3 Will be showing the items next time with a proper review. 

Thank you so much for reading. :3

What's your favorite concealer?

NOTE: I stand at 5 fee 11 inches. Filipinos are generally known to be a short race so I guess I'm the odd one out. :)

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