Monday, May 23, 2011

Hera High Definition Foundation in 23

I have been using this foundation for a while so I guess it's about time to give it a review. I previously heard that the Hera's HD Foundation was either a HIT or a MISS. I am leaning towards HIT although I can see why it might be a MISS for others.

Amore Pacific which may sound familiar to some of you is a popular and leading cosmetic brand in South Korea and has gained popularity in other countries throughout the years. 
The followings are some of the other brand lines sold by Amore Pacific Corporation: AMOREPACIFIC, LANEIGE, Mamonde, IOPE, Innisfree, HERASULWHASOO, and ÉTUDE.

Hera is one of the higher end brands under Amore Pacific.

Say hello to pretty packaging! :p

No. 23 - True Beige
I think that Hera's foundation will work for people with warm skin tones because there is a slight yellow undertone to this foundation.

Packaging is elegant and pretty. :)
Me and beautiful packaged cosmetics have special bond. :P

The bottle is opaque. 
I don't think I have gotten to using half of the bottle so it still looks pretty full.

I love the pump! It dispenses the right amount of product and is hygienic. :)


blended with fingers. 
As you can see I only used a tiny bit of the product to cover the back of my hand. 

Scent - It has a faint distinct scent which does not bother me. I find most foundations have a signature scent to them anyway. 
Coverage - Medium to Heavy.
Consistency - I would say that it has a rather thick consistency compared to other foundations I have tried. 
Finish - Dewy.

Application - While the product may seem to be a bit thick it goes on smoothly and is  very easy to spread and apply. I use my fingers when I'm lazy and I use a brush when I want a more flawless finish. 

- Covers imperfections such as scars, freckles, blemishes, etc.
- Also covers my pores.
- Photogenic foundation - Takes wonderful photos! :p Yes, it will make your skin look flawless in pictures!
- No breakouts or irritations.
- Hygienic pump bottle!
- Gives a natural & dewy finish.

- May be hard to buy/acquire. I ordered mine online.
- After 4 hours or so my skin starts to get oily with this foundation.
- Limited color selection.
- This foundation breaks. :/ I don't know if you are familiar with it but after long hours of wear it does break on my forehead like MAC foundations do. :(
- May be expensive.


I would say that this is a great foundation! I really like how it makes my skin glow and radiant in pictures. :p
It is also very easy to apply. I have read reviews that say that this is light weight, however I find that there are lighter foundations currently on the market. 

Application is a breeze. As I said, I sometimes use my fingers and I usually don't use a concealer when I use this foundation because it pretty much does a very good job at concealing skin imperfections.

I have read reviews that say that this is a very natural looking foundation but I beg to disagree. It will look cakey if you pile it on and will break after long hours of wear.

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