Monday, May 2, 2011

Kimpura (Japanese Resto) Trinoma

Hi everyone! Rick reminded me on my last post that my blog has male followers. I am not neglecting you guys! I am dedicating this post to all of you. :3

All photos were taken last Sunday at Kimpura's Trinoma branch. I will let the pictures do the talking . :P
NOTE: My siblings are uncooperative when it comes to taking food pictures, hence you might their chopsticks and hands everywhere. xD

Complimentary appitizer. :3

My father says that this used to be my favorite food when I was barely 2 years old and I could finish a whole cup. (NOTE: Pig in the making.)

I recently discovered my camera has a macro mode
*Play Hallelujah theme in the background please

Pigs drink Coke when eating. :@)

Look how uncooperative my siblings are... :/

Macro mode. :3

Strolling outside. I think Kimpura is on the 3rd level of Trinoma. Please correct me if I am wrong.

These aren't real flowers but these look really pretty. :3

More pretty (fake) flowers

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