Wednesday, May 4, 2011

THE FACE SHOP nail polishes + collective haul

Everyone seems to be posting about nail polishes so I decided to pick up a few last week.

I thought this would have a hologram effect but it's just really sparkly. :/ 

Color - It's a light and sparkly plum.

Thoughts: Dries fast. Application is a breeze so overall I'd say it's a good nail polish.

Color - Ultra Blue (Yes, I remember the colors from my Art class in elementary LOL! x)
Thoughts - Dries quickly. Just one coat is enough. Application is quick and easy. 

Color - A bright pink.
Thoughts - Of three nail polishes I picked this one is my least favorite. I love the color but application is a pain. I tried to apply three coats and it got streaky. :(  Ehhhhh... =___=

I think this is self explanatory, these are the swatches coated with Etude House's Jelly Pop. :3

Collective Haul - Please note that I did not haul everything at one time. Also please don't scroll down if you're the type of person who does not like to see hauls. :/

I haven't really been buying makeup lately. I have been buying more skincare products because I want to invest in great products that I can stick to and use for a long time. 

I have also been buying tools for skincare hehe. >.<
I read somewhere that The Body Shop's face brush is a poor man's alternative to a Clairsonic so I picked it up. :3 I also got a face massager because it makes my life a lot easier.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE L'Occitane's Divine Cream! It really is divine. :D I am elevating it to Holy Grail status and hopes it doesn't run out soon because it's rather too expensive. 

I numbered and labeled everything so you can quickly find it in this list:

1. L'OReal Pure Zone - Pore Tightening & Clarifying Toner
2. L'Occitane Divine Cream
3. L'OReal UV Perfect Dermo-Expertise UV Perfect
4. MAC Charged Water - Skin Hydrating Mist
5. MAC Studio Sculpt in NC 35 (Yes, I got a shade darker than my skintone to mix with my other foundations and to share with my sister. :P )
6. Kiehl's Eye Alert
7. Kiehl's Ultimate White - Intensive Whitening Essence
8. The Body Shop - Face Brush
9. The Body Shop - Face Massager
10.Paul & Joe - Moisture Lip Treatment
11. Human <3 Nature Hydrating Face Toner
12. The Body Shop - Organic cotton Rounds
13. The Face Shop Hologram "Face & it" Repair Nail in PP401
14. The Face Shop PK110
15. The Face Shop BL606

Let me know in case you want to see reviews on any of these items. =)

What's your most recent purchase? ^__^

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