Thursday, May 26, 2011

NOTD - Catrice Purplelized

A while ago I received a very lovely mail from witoxicity, which contained a bottle of Catrice Purplelized and a very lovely postcard! :) I really enjoyed reading the post card because it had a personal touch in it. <3

I have been witoxicity for quite some time and she has the most honest and detailed reviews on a different variety of products! She also does tutorials on her blog which I find very helpful. :3

I am very happy that I got to try this wonderful nail polish because this is a brand that I cannot locally buy in my country. 

Here's a picture of it on my nails -

It's a very lovely purple - aubergine nail polish that has tiny sparkles or micro glitters in it! :)

It's sooo pretty! Thank you so much Anne for this very lovely surprise!
Yes, it is indeed a surprise because I was the surprise winner of this nail polish on her blog. LOL! :) I always comment on her blog because I find all her posts extremely interesting. :D

Application - is very easy, goes on smoothly & there is no streaking. The glitters do not form chunks.
Drying Time - Very Fast! :)
Price - No idea as it was a gift. =)
Lasting Power - 4th day on my nails and there is still no chipping, whatsoever. 

Overall - I'd say this is probably at par with high end nail polishes if not better, my only complaint is that it's not available in my country.

Oh yeah I finally have a nail polish post! I feel so left out because everyone is making nail polish posts again.
Again, thank you so much Anne! :3 

By the way Anne is having another nail polish giveaway HERE - don't forget to check it out! ;)

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