Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inglot Freedom Palette

Ok, I know the eyeshadows aren't the most shocking color and look safe but I have been into neutrals lately. :p As this is a freedom palette I got to choose the colors and arrange everything according to my liking. :) Only thing was, I had to look for the swatches online so it took quite some time.

Inglot Freedom Palettes come in a unique case which is unique & ingenious! 
The lid is magnetic so you can slide and remove it from the palette itself. It seems to be sturdy and no, I don't plan to drop this anytime soon to test if it is. :P

For your reference I labeled the palette.

#64 AMC and #16 AMC
AMC 64 - very pigmented Black with Gold sparkles. (NOTE: Sparkles and glitters aren't the same.))
AMC 16 - light charteusse. (I intend to use this as a highlight. I thought it was cream LOL!)

#465 DS and 434 Pearl
 DS 465 - medium brown with shimmers.
Pearl 434 - Slate - purplish gray.

On my finger. :3
The color payoff of these shadows are amazing! :D

The pictures do not give justice to the multi-dimensional layers of the eyeshadows.
 I really like the fact that they don't look flat. Swatches taken in indoor lighting without a base. Yes, these eyeshadows are very pigmented and are creamy/smooth and are very easy to blend.

Face Blush #20
A very pretty soft/baby Pink.

AMC Face Blush #32
A very pretty coral/watermelon shade. The color of this blush reminds me of NARS Orgasm and Benefit's Coralista.
It has silver sparkles. I think this color is a universally flattering color.

AMC Blush # 32 and Blush #20

I will do a proper review on this palette once I have tested it and will do a FOTD. Consider this as a post for swatches.

I would like to thank my very generous and lovely friend, Isai for sending me this palette. =) Isai used to be my blockmate in UST and she plans to open an online shop to sell Inglot Freedom Palettes and other goodies that we all love but can't locally acquire. 

Cheers to amazing friends like Isai! <3

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