Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paul & Joe Sahara Collection Finishing Powder - 002 Healthy Medium Beige

Please bear with me as I post more Paul & Joe reviews. This is probably because, I cannot get my mind off their Limited 2011 Summer collection. :P

So let's proceed with a review of another limited item -

This is the Limited Edition Sahara Collection Finishing Powder that was released last year. I know I should have picked it up earlier but I wasn't entirely sure if I liked it because I am not a fan of paper packaging.


In addition, crystalline cellulose and spherical powder adheres to sebum, helping maintain a dry and silky smooth skin that doesn’t look greasy.

Adheres to the skin. Stays on even after perspiring. 
The powder adheres to skin and stays on even after hot and humid conditions, because we combined oil-coated clear plate powder with amorphous powder. 

Keeps skin dry with a soft, fluffy touch. 
The powder spreads smoothly with a soft, fluffy texture. That’s because it contains a larger quantity of soft and comfortable amorphous powder, and a combination of easy-to-slide clear plate powder and spherical powder. It can be used comfortably during humid seasons and keep your skin soft and dry.

Sublime radiant glow and translucent finish whenever you want.
The powder contains a blended champagne gold frost “SECRET’D’or” that adds a warm glow and gives a sublime glow which will last for all day long. - SOURCE

The packaging is really pretty! If only it wasn't made of paper. :(

002 DESERT SAND Healthy medium beige
I picked up 002 because I think 001 suit individuals with NC 25 or lighter skin tones.

Pretty isn't it?

I love this puff! It's soft and fluffy and applies the powder quite smoothly. <3
This powder is best applied with this cotton puff, however one can also use a powder brush. :)

Comes with this sticker which you can keep if you want to prevent the powder from spilling.

Actually, the small holes control the amount of product that is dispensed. 
Can you see how finely milled the powder is? :3

Swatch on NC 30 skin.

Notice how my camera gets all weird and makes me darker and lighter in pictures? LOL! x) I guess it's the lighting or something like that. 

- The powder is finely milled.
- The puff is useful! Finally an applicator that can be used with the product. :)
- Gives a radiant, semi-matte, somewhat dewy look.
- Helps makeup last longer.
- Did not break me out.
- Is not cakey. 
- Light weight.
- Helps keep my oiliness at bay.

- May be a bit expensive to some people.
- May be hard to acquire.
- Is not talc and paraben free.

- While I love Paul & Joe packaging, I am not a fan of paper packaging because I just think plastic, glass and other materials are more sturdy & don't deteriorate as much. 
- There is a scent to this product. I quite remember it having a scent to it but I do not remember what it smells like at the moment. (Note: I am currently sick.)

I love this product! This is my favorite finishing powder as of the moment because I like the finish that it gives. It is also very lightweight and I don't feel as if I have piled tons of makeup on my skin when I use this. :3
I probably won't stop saying positive things about it because I really like it. 

Do you also use a finishing powder? 

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