Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Killing 4 birds with 1 stone + bronzing noob on the loose! :P

I agree - I shouldn't think of titles for blog entries as I always come up with pretty lame ones. :P
I haven't done a FOTD for quite a while so I'll post one now, so  you can see how all the recent products I have posted about look like when applied on. :)

Bobbi Brown's Classic Evening Palette

Guerlain Rouge G Serie Noir in 71 Rose Desir

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder Moisturizing & Long Lasting in 01

Have you noticed that product names seem to be getting longer lately? Or is it just me..? O.o

Before you see my FOTD, I feel that I must inform you that this is my first time to use a bronzer. :P I actually had bought many drugstore bronzers which I have never touched. I find that most drugstore bronzers are so shimmery and kind of look intimidating so I use them as eyeshadows LOL! :P
This is sort of a first time for me ok? :3

Also, I would like to note that I did not look like a toasted beach bum in real life and my camera seems to be exaggerating the bronzed look for reasons I do not know. :/ This looks so much natural and prettier in real life. I will have to deal with my cameras settings one of these days.

I put a broken line as a mark for all the areas I applied bronzer on.
It's sort of like the number "3". 

I previously learned that holding cute props will make your pictures more appealing. :p Hence, here I am with Hello Kitty.

Primer -  - Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer
Foundation - - Hera HD Foundation in No. 23
Bronzer - Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder Moisturizing & Long Lasting in 01 
Blush On - Bobbi Brown's Classic Evening Palette, Desert Rose

Eyeshadow Primer - UDPP
Eyeshadows - Inglot  #16 AMC + Bobbi Brown's Classic Evening Palette, Navajo, Flint, Black Plum 
Eyeliner - Majolica Majorca Cream Pencil Liner BR611 + Prestige 
Mascara - Majolica Majorca Lash Extreme Fash Plus BR666
False Eyelashes - Missha Eye Lash #04 Natural Long & Clear Eyelash + HK bought falsies cute in half applied only to the outer corners.

Lips - Paul & Joe - Moisture Lip Treatment + Guerlain Rouge G Serie Noir in 71 Rose Desir

Pictures were taken last Monday. I got sick after hehehe. :p
Also, if you watched Xiaxue's latest tutorial on how to achieve noticeable lower lashes without applying lower falsies, you will notice that it's what I did on my lower lash line. :) 

Forgive my vain pictures. :) I took this picture on the way home.
This is the road side at NLEX. :3

A sunflower! There was a bee when I attempted to shoot this but it got away before I could press the camera. >.<"

Do you like shimmery bronzers or do you prefer matte ones? :)

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