Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have a break, have a....

This is going to be a quick post filled with pictures. :) 

I first came across this Kitkats when I saw a post from Exotic Japan then I got more curious after I saw the ever so pretty and cute blogger Eki post about these too.

The only thing that was stopping me from buying was, these weren't locally available in my country. :( 

Anyway, after months and months of searching for the said Kitkats.....

Hmmm... I'm really not going to send these to anyone. :p

The packaging is sooooo cute!!!
Sakura - cherry blossom
It only had two yummy chocolates inside!
These were really creamy. :3
It does not taste like cherries at all but it was really delicious.
Matcha - Green Tea
This one is really creamy too and has a slight taste of
matcha. :3
The ever so famous - Wasabi Kitkats
All the Kitkats were creamy and as Eki-chan said,
it tastes like white chocolate.

One more picture.

I tried to order again but the seller said they were out of stock. :( Someone bought all her stocks. AARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! >o<" Must now wait for the next shipment. Sigh*

The Kitkats costs 120 Php per box and each box contained two yummy Kitkats! I bought these from Hotfashion Shop. The seller is super nice and even delivered the Kitkats to my sister's school. :3

PS: I am super annoyed because a friend of my sister took the only Wasabi Kitkat I had left which I was supposed to send to my brother. :( He said he was only going to take a picture and he ate it!!! >o<|"

Anyway, my friends spoil me so much. Mwuahahaha! I posted on my FB wall and they offered to send me Kitkats so I wouldn't be grumpy anymore. :3
I soooo love my friends. YAAAYYYY!!!!

What's your favorite Kitkat flavor?

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