Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cute & sweet - non makeup related post

This is going to be a quick post with many pictures. My family had dinner tonight at Greenbelt at around 8PM and I picked up a few stuff on the way to the restaurant. I forgot to bring my camera though, so I won't be sharing any food pictures. :(
I really can't afford to buy books now because I still have tons of
cases and books to read. hehehe. >o<"
I picked up Izumi. :3

Spirit and Beauty FTW! (For The Win!)
Cute. :3

someone might ask for the price so I took a picture of that too. YAY! xD

I also got this notebook just because I hate buying only one item. Ehhh.. What a
lame excuse LOL! But I do need a stationery so I'd have something to write in when
I send  packages. 
I remembered to take a picture of the price again. Yay! xD
 Inside - all cute & girly :3

My 1st Kimmi keychain given to me my dad. :3

 Yes, my dad keeps buying small trinkets up to this day.

 I forgot her name. :/ Hahaha! :p
You can look up more Kimmi products HERE.

 My mini Kimmi collection. :3

My all time favorite chocolate is Royce' Nama - Au Lait.

 Yes, you can visit their site HERE.
I love their packaging. It's really impressive. =)

 This keeps the chocolates from melting. :3
 It comes with it's own gel pack which keeps it cool.
 The S.A. told me this was a seasonal chocolate. :3 
I believe her now because I couldn't find this variety here.
 Would have picked up more if only my dad wasn't hurrying to go to L'occitane pronounced as "lok see tan". :/  They were also out of the Potato Chips Chocolates which I wanted. :(

Expiration date 
This is the box. The first two pictures were of the paper that covered it. 
 It comes with a mini spatula. :3 
 Soooo many layers which prevent me from eating! LOL! xD
Why hello there... :3  
Royce Nama Chocolate - Fromage
By breaking down old customs and producing consistently original items, we are
pursuing a new level in chocolate enjoyment. Our artisans make the finest premium

 This chocolate is soft but creamy and has just the right amount of sweetness.
The texture is super smooth. It just melts in your mouth and lingers.

Have you tried Royce' chocolates? What are the things that you collect?

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