Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Matte nails anyone? :3 (Review+NOTD)

I never post about my nails and I suppose it's about time that I do...
Please bear with me for a few more Etude House posts. :3 I promise to post about other brands after this Etude House phase hahaha! xD

Note: All pictures taken inside with indoor lighting.

(L-R) Etude House Matte Nail Polishes in #2 Latte Brown, #1 Tea Beige and #5 Java Blue.

#1 Tea Beige

I really like this color. Looks like milk-tea but is a more beige. It's really pretty!
I had this on my nails on my last FOTD.

#2 Latte Brown

This is a chocolate brown. Not as matte as Tea beige is but is also a pretty color. 
I have it on my nails right now.

#5 Java Blue

This is a midnight blue and has glitters in it. O.o I find it rather weird that
a matte nail polish has glitters but this is also very pretty on my nails. :p

The bottles are so kawaii! ^__^

Label/s on the bottom in Korean. Sorry the camera
did not focus. >o<"

2 coats applied on my nails without clear polish on top.
I did not want to put clear polish because it will defeat the purpose of putting matte nail polish as the clear polishes have a glossy shine.

Missha A'pieu Matte Nail Polish

I also swatched it on my nails for you to see all the colors. :3

My NOTD in Etude House #2 Latte Brown Matte Nail Polish.
Because I did this I am now conscious of my hands and will try to take better care of it. LOL! :p


- All the polishes are opaque and very milky except for #5 Java Blue. The consistency is rather thick/creamy but is easy to work with. I do not feel the need for a clear nail polish to top it off. :3
- These dry quite fast. These are the fastest drying nail polishes I've ever tried.
- The price is around 100++Php per bottle. I am not sure how much each bottle would cost when Etude House Philippines releases it. These nail polishes aren't locally available yet. :)
- Overall I'd say that these are great nail polishes and anyone who wants matte nails should give it a go. :)

Edit: Crisel asked me about the staying power.
Tea Beige lasted on me for more than a week :) It did not chip and peel off. ^__^
Matte brown - hasn't chipped off on the 2nd day and is still matte. :) 

Edit: G asked where I bought the nail polishes.
All the nail polishes were bought from my favorite Korean seller on eBay - bhappywithme she's super nice and always gives me freebies Yay!!! ^-^ She also ships the item within the day or the day after the payment is settled so I highly recommend her store for Korean makeup products that aren't locally available. 
Also, all the items in her shop are genuine and aren't knock offs. I have bought from some sellers whose items were highly suspicious. =___= I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. >.<"

(I hope this didn't suck as I am not used to reviewing nail polishes. =____=)

I will leave you with the picture of my dessert at Astralis last night. :3

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