Monday, February 7, 2011

Etude House Mini Haul - Princess Jewelry Finish Pact, Welcome to Wonder Lip Land & Pink Cushiony Pouch

Etude House Philippines recently released new products. I purchased the Princess Jewelry Finish Pact and Wonder Lip Land. The Pink Cushiony Pouch is a GWP or Gift with Purchase. It will be given to you if you purchased at least 1,500Php and one Princess line product. =) Just thought I'd share my initial thoughts as well as some pictures of the products.

This is the Pink Cushiony Pouch.
 I grabbed this photo from Etude Philippine's Facebook account. 

Here's mine. Taken w/ indoor lighting no flash.

You can click the pictures if you want to see a more detailed version.
Sorry for my nails. I know I should change my nail polish! LOL! By the way it's from Etude House's upcoming Matte nail polish line. :) I ordered it from Ebay.

Princess Jewelry Finish Pact
This product has no reviews, whatsoever in the net right now. So I thought I'd share my initial thoughts on it. :p
 This is soooo pretty! :3 It really looks like something a 
princess would own. xD

 Description: Baked powder pore coverage formulated with the Princess fragrance for convenient foundation finish glow.
I super love the scent! I will buy the perfume next time. Although it actually didn't occur to me that this had a scent until my sister raved about how good it smelled! =____=

 Comes with its own brush which is neatly tucked at the side when you open the box.

 Applicator brush which I probably won't use. x) I like that it has it's own case.

 Pact opened. It comes with a plastic cover.

 Soooo pretty right? Kind of reminds me MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish
Directions: Use brush to gather and apply to face.
- I think they meant, gently swirl the brush around the product and apply to certain areas of the face such as the T-zone, on your cheekbone and on your chin.

A closer look.

When I  swatched this, it felt so grainy against my finger and I was scared to try it on my face. But the S.A. said it was really soft so I tried it, and I was quite surprised at how silky and soft it felt on my skin. :3
I would have swatched it for you, but it really won't show up because it just blends to my skin and gives it a radiant glow. It is shimmery in a way but not glittery. It actually did not emphasize my ginormous pores another reason why I bought it. :3 I have been looking for a good finishing powder for quite some time and hope that this doesn't disappoint.

I think this is meant to be used as a highlighter but I really want to use it as a finishing powder. I would say that this is more subtle than my other highlighters I have used. :3 It is supposed to be swept on certain parts of the face as provided in the instructions. 

I want to try this product before I give a full review and would also like to know whether readers would actually want to see a review haha! :D

Well, hello there pretty box! :3
The bunny is soooo in season! LOL! xD

 I just had to take another picture. :/ The box is so pretty! I'm not going to throw it away. :p


 Opened - But you actually have to open it from the side. LOL! I'm sorry I can't read Korean so I can't translate what it says.

Welcome to the wonderous lip palettes that opens endless possibilities of beautiful make-up.
I saw that on the box. You can probably understand what they meant to say. LOL! They really need to hire english translators.

Lip color palette makeup kit with mirror, brush and 18 wondrous colors.
(Picture and description from Etude House's FB page)

 More pictures! This is what my palette looks like. :3
Directions: Choose desired color(s) and apply evenly to lips.

 There are 16 colours on the palette the 12 on the left are lipsticks and the 6 on the right are lip glosses. :)

 swatches taken with flash

 swatches taken without flash in indoor lighting

 As you can see from the swatches some colours are pigmented and some are sheer. I think this is because it is meant to be mixed with the other colors on the palette. These are very creamy and easy to blend. I also think that the colors are buildable. :)

I know someone will ask the price so I saved the PO yay!!! The Princess Jewelry Finish Pact is 798.00Php and the Welcome to Wonder Lip Land is also 798.00Php.

Hope this helps for those who are wondering about these products. Feel free to ask ask questions if you have any. :3


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