Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have a new layout!!! YAY! :3

Hi everyone! I know that many girls are excited for today. :3  If you aren't you can scroll down and read the last part of this  post. ;)

1st, I would like to take this opportunity to greet everyone a Happy Valentines Day! I really don't take much participation in celebrating this day. :/ It just doesn't appeal to me... However, I give a present to my mom on a yearly basis. This year I got her flowers. And, I'd like to share the pictures of the bouquet with you because I think it's just so cute & pretty.

Before I proceed with the photos, I want to share a video of Jenny. :3 Jenny's a friend from the USA. She does video tutorials on Youtube and is really one of the sweetest and kindest persons I have met over the internet. (Ok, I had to stop myself from praising her and edited this part since I do love her.)

In this tutorial she does a very pretty and sweet look. It's not overpowering and is perfect for first dates and well... just being really pretty. So here's the tutorial ---

If you're going on a date, I highly suggest that you do a similar makeup look because guys don't really like tons of makeup on their dates. . I also think this look really brings out the beauty of the person who has it on. ♥ 
Don't forget to subscribe to Jenny's channel ok? She replies to everyone hahaha! You can ask her to do tutorials for you too.

Because I do not want to incur the wrath of my mother - I got here a present.
Yes, we give her presents on Valentines, her birthday, Christmas, Mother's day and whenever. This means she gets a bouquet from me, my 2 brothers, my 2 sisters and my dad.
Yes, she is quite spoiled but I wouldn't trade my mum for anyone out there. :3 LOL! 
Taken under artificial lighting with flash.
Yes, it has 2 bears and no one should point that out anymore ok?
No, it wasn't cheap. Anything that has flowers on it on February 14 is expensive. But giving gifts is supposed to make the receiver happy right? So I had this customized so that it will seem cute to me. Hopefully my mom will like it.
I think my mummy is fluffy like this bear so I picked it up for her.
Oh yeah, this other bear says, "I WUBBB YEEWWWWWW!!!!" when squeezed. I have been squeezing it just to annoy my sisters hahahahaha! xD

Still single this valentines day??
Looking for Spider Pig while wondering who cleans the window here? Hmmm... :/

"Hi again everyone. Please don't take this seriously as this is meant to be funny and not directed to any specific person."
- You aren't the first and the only person who has not received anything ok? 
- Please, please, please DO NOT send flowers and gifts to yourself so that you can tell your friends that you have a secret admirer because the chances of them knowing that you don't is really high and you will only end up looking pathetic.
- If you do get many gifts, please don't haul them around everywhere you go lest you end up looking like a walking Christmas tree that's no longer in season.

So what if you're single on this day...?
You've been single for a longer time haven't you? So why does a single day have to be a big deal to you now? O.O 
Being single means you can make options without having to consider your significant other's emotions/feelings/likes/dislikes/moods/etc... It gives you freedom to move and act as you please. Hence I joined this page on Facebook -

Eat sweet stuff. They not only look cute & pretty but will make you really happy. :3
I do know that Valentines is associated with the "L-O-V-E" word, hence I do not limit that word to a significant other but to all people and things I love. 

Look around - there's so much to be thankful for
I will never understand why people are so insatiable and why they seek and keep wanting those that they cannot have? Happiness is something we all owe to ourselves, hence rather than keep on seeking for it we should just make the most of what we have and well, just be happy! :3

Remember to just love yourself, so just incase no one else does, you will still always have at least one person who loves you, even if it's just you. :P Oh.... That sounded quite harsh and a bit too sarcastic so I'm going to make up an excuse and just say - that it's better to love yourself so that when the right person comes along you will know how to introduce yourself better and you will be whole & doing well because you didn't rush into things like other people do.


Note: Last 3 photos are taken and owned by Crisel Eslao
My new layout/theme is also by: Crisel Eslao.

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