Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hamham's birthday - 02/23/2011

It was my sister's birthday yesterday. :3
I occasionally post about food so male followers of this blog shouldn't fret hahaha! =D

Barcino, Rockwell

- Food is super yummy! IMO, the food is pretty affordable and delicious - is not as expensive as those served in other places. 
- The service is great!! And the staff is really friendly and helpful. :)
- This is a wine bar I think but I've never been a wine drinker even if my father and cousins tease me about it a lot. :P They do have a good selection of wines at a reasonable price.
- I like the ambiance and interior. :)
- They have a site if you are interested to check it out HERE.

Posting food pictures, in the manner they were served.

Complimentary bread


Gambas Al Ajillo - Spicy shrimp in garlic oil

Croquetas Pollo Y Jamon...?
I'm not sure if I got this one right LOL! 
Chicken & Ham croquettes. :3

Tapas Barcino

Tortilla De Patatas - Potato omelette

Paella Valenciana - Seafood Paella
A must try! Love, love, love. 

Callos A La Madrileña - Tripe Stew Barcino way
This is my favorite. :p I absolutely love this! 

See the first picture above? This is the table and I was just amazed so I snapped this picture. :)

My mom & the birthday girl

LOL! I look so haggard here. I haven't slept. I've been suffering from insomia lately.
Sorry. =___=

We then headed to Greenbelt because birthday girl wanted to pick her own gifts.

Birthday girl got to shop for her own gifts. 
I say it's unfair... :p

Posing with her gifts. WTF!! =__= LOL!

Lusso at Greenbelt 5
This is my dad's favorite dessert place LOL! 
It's actually a restaurant. The food here is yummy too! I give a thumbs up to their burger. Yes, I sometimes eat burgers after my meals just because I'm a piggie. :@)
- The service is great and the interiors of the place is really pretty. 

Water ^_^ 
- I usually don't drink water as much as I should but if someone puts fruit slices in water I'll drink it because it's pretty. :P No use trying to reason out with me on this one.

Sans Rival Au Chocolat 
-Yes, it does deserve the attention it gets from foodies out there. I always order this and the Strawberry Trifle interchangeably hehehe. >o<" I wish Lusso would expand their dessert menu. 

coffee for the insomiac O.o

olive oil ice cream with salt
- This is very light and is quite yummy! I suppose it's to cleanse the palette after eating. A must try for foodies out there! :3

Random pictures:

Randomly taking pictures is fun. :p Especially when no one is being cooperative. 

Pretty, pretty! Even if I so say so myself. :3

I am not affiliated with any of the companies/restos mentioned above. :) But should Gucci decide to sponsor me or my sisters in the future I will love them forever. LOL! Kidding, kidding... :p

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