Saturday, February 19, 2011

Etude House - Princess Jewelry Finish Pact (Review)

I was asked to review this product a bit more comprehensively by some of you lovely people. =)
My previous review can be found HERE.

Yes, this pact will bring back memories of Sailor Moon.

So pretty and princess-like.

According to Etude House Phils.
- This is a finishing pact that gives pore coverage, brightening and promotes natural glow with sheer texture.
- It may be used as a highlighter.

Product in the pan.
This is a baked powder. It is rough when touched while in the pan however
the texture is fine and feels like silk when applied to the face.

After two weeks of use.
This really reminds me of MAC's MSF.

One downside of this product is it cannot stand alone without toppling over for obvious reasons.

The brush which I find flimsy. :/

These are the brushes that I use to apply the product.

How I use the product:
- I apply it on top of foundation/bb cream using any of the 3 brushes above.
- I apply it to my temples, t-zone, upper part of the cheek and chin.
- Then I use whatever is left of the powder on my whole face to blend everything together.

 I tried swatching it at the back of my hand but the color just blended in so well. 

Swatch - This powder is translucent and gives a beautiful radiant glow once applied on the skin.

Prepare to be scared by the pictures! RAWR!!!~ ("\(O__o)/' ') LOL! 
All pictures were taken with indoor lighting.

with flash. 
Hello ginormous pores... :/ The problem with a good camera is it tends to show pores which normally aren't visible in real life. >o<" As you can see my skin is not perfect but this powder does seem to diminish the appearance of my pores.

without flash. 

Yes, I look way too tired here. I had the powder on for four hours.
But yes, you can see that my skin sort of has a glow or maybe that's just me imagining it.

- Soft & velvety texture will not irritate the skin.
- Covers and does not emphasize pores.
- Gives a subtle glow hence the skin will look healthier.
- I noticed that my skin isn't as oily as it was before I used this product. 
- Did not break me out.
- Affordable and way cheaper than MAC's MSF.
- Can also be used as a highlighter but the glow it gives is quite subtle.
- Pretty packaging (Both a pro and a con). xD

- The pact cannot stand on its own! It keeps toppling over because the lid is too heavy.
- The brush is flimsy and cannot be used to apply the product.
- While it minimizes pores, it will still not completely hide them. No miracles here, ok? Let's be realistic.

I hope someone finds this review helpful. Thank you so much for reading!

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