Saturday, February 5, 2011

7 Beauty Characteristics

I was tagged by the ever so cute Melody  to state 7 Beauty Characteristics about me. Can I just say that this took me quite a while to to come up with 7, LOL! xD 

I have always been the type of person who complains so much about my physical appearance. Lately, I have been stressing my dad about my wrinkles. :P I have inherited most of my physical features from him and it's really fun to stress him - I often call him to annoy him, it just makes me feel better. x) And no, he doesn't get mad & just laugh, teases s or tells me to buy what I need so I'll quit ranting. YAY! for supportive parents! x)

"You're a brat." 
"No, you're a brat."
 Reminiscing a scene from E.T. :p
I believe their lines were quite different though.

Sugar's 7 Beauty Characteristics (Man, this sounds so weird. LOL! You will see many recycled pictures below. I am too lazy to take new ones. =____=)

1. Built (body shape) - I like how fast my metabolism is. :D I do have abs even if I don't work out. (Thank you genes! xD )I also like the fact that I have defined shoulders & a long neck although people used to tease and call me giraffe when I was younger. :/
I know I should start taking care of my body since I am getting old. =____= But I tend to get away with laziness just because I don't get fat. 

2. Nose - I like my nose. Even if it is rather big. :p As a kid, I used to have a tiny button nose and would get upset whenever people would tease me about it hahaha!
NOTE: My mom is the kind of person who hits other people when she laughs hard, and one time she accidentally hit me and broke me nose. That's what I get for trying to be funny. #____#

3. Hair: My hair is dark brown and wavy. :) I actually don't even comb my hair on a daily basis ROTFL! :p I often tie it in a bun or in a ponytail. I just like that its easy to work with and is not a pain when I color it or try to style it. (But, it's rather really thin. I think I ought to start stressing my dad about going bald.)

4. Nails - Friends and classmates in law school call my nails mortal weapon. My nails are quite strong and hard and I have always had long nails for quite as far as I can remember. :3 YAY! 

5. Lips : I have full lips, although they are quite pigmented. I like how much i can pout with it and do the duck lips, although I find that doing kitty lips is a failure for my particular lip shape. 

6. Height:  Being tall means you get people's attention which is both a pro and a con depending how you view it. :p I just like being able to see things around me without having to tip-toe or reaching things at the top rack/cabinet just because I can. 
I also think being tall let's you get away with whatever I wear.  >o<"
A picture with my cousins. We all look normal here, don't we?
A picture with normal people. =____=

7. Youthful appearance: I bet people won't be able to tell how old I am. :p I get a laugh out of it when people ask who among me and my sisters is the oldest because I am way older than those two are. xD
Can you guess how old I am? 
This is how I behave in public. :p

Ohhhh yeah, I did it! YAYYYYY!!!!

I guess like everyone else, I am not perfect but I do try to work with whatever I have because at the end of the day I always say that I'll just get old and look like a prune anyway. x) Kidding aside, I still believe that it's the inside that counts. <3

More vain pictures from my last post. :) Please note that I changed the lighting on the pictures below. :3

I am tagging all of you to do this tag. It's quite fun!

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