Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sisters Night Out Outfit + Etude House - Moon Crystal Power Lip Gloss

Whew! It seems like this is Etude House week review time. =) I have another quick review for you below on Etude House's Moon Crystal Power Lip Gloss. I will try to get the review for the Princess pact and Lip Wonderland palette up next week. 

In the meantime, I haven't posted an OOTD for a while, so I thought I'd do an outfit related post for everyone with my sisters Enky & Bea. :3 YAY!!!! 

What my sisters wore when they went out tonight and left me home alone. :'(
Paparazzi? LOL! 
Insert something like, "Take me with you!!!

Witol Enky sister is being super cooperative tonight. ^-^
She let me take a picture of her outfit.

 Cardigan - Sisi
Inner top - Mango
Owl Necklace - gift from a friend 

High waisted skirt - Wilson's

Strappy heels - Aldo

Bag - Liz Claiborne

Bea A.K.A. Hamham's outfit
 Enky totally ruining the picture and popping out of our condo unit hahaha!

 Black Tube layered with a black Razor-back from Forever 21.
Mustard skirt - Forever 21

Will update this for what she used on her face.

Moving on...

Moon Crystal Power Lip Gloss features star-like pearl sparkles to accent your lips, for a mesmerizing evening look!  Available in five heavenly colors:
1 Soul Aqua Pink
2 Ruby Moon Crystal
3 Coral Prism Power
4 Purple Holy Beam
5 Andro Pinky Way

I picked up 4 Purple Holy Beam
5 Andro Pinky Way
 Purple Holy Beam and Andro Pinky Way swatched

Can you see the sparkles? Definitely not for people who
don't like glittery glosses. The consistency is rather & not too runny which is for the best because we don't want glitters falling off. :)
4 Purple Holy Beam

on my lips taken with flash

natural lighting
5 Andro Pinky Way

taken with flash
natural lighting

Rating from 1-5, 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest:

Pigmentation - 4.5
Staying power - 4 
- These glosses are pigmented and last up to 3-4 hours but will wear off when you eat/drink/smoke. 

Price - 4.5
- It is reasonably priced. It is around 200-400Php.

Ease of application - 5
- This comes with a brush applicator which I think is more suitable since the product is glittery and using a doe foot applicator may not transfer the shimmers/ glitters well.

Packaging - 4.5
- Cute and simple packaging. :3

Scent - 3
- It has a mild floral scent which bothers me. I don't like florally scents. >o<" But I do know that some people don't mind.

Overall - I really like the pigmentation of the glosses but the smell and the taste which is florally gets me. :) If you aren't the type of person who is bothered with floral scents, do check the glosses out. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! Cheers! :3

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