Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sedona Lace Midnight Lace Kabuki brush ^o^ rave + review

This item was on my wish list for a long time but never got around to ordering it. Then a very dear friend sent this item as a valentines + birthday gift along with other goodies YAYY!!! =) Ok, ok... I asked for it. =P But she did send it to me and I wuuubbb her loads! 

NOTE: This product is a gift to me by a friend. I am not affiliated to Sedona Lace nor am I paid nor compensated to do this review. Everything I say below are my own personal opinions unless I state otherwise.


Description from Sedona Lace

This baby soft, high quality synthetic brush is waiting for its new home. The synthetic bristles are made not to absorb too much product, to keep the powder on the tips of the bristles and leave powder directly on the surface of your skin for better coverage.

Yes, my matte latte brow nail polish is still matte tonight.
The Kabuki brush isn't small. My hand is big. =)

I fell inlove with this brush because of it's pretty color. 
It just didn't seem like any of the kabukis I had.
It is magenta, purple & pink. 

Extremely dense. 

See how fluffy & thick it seems? The bristles are super soft and don't hurt nor poke me when I use it on my face. I use it to buff or even out my whole makeup look but it can also be used to apply powder foundations, blushes, etc... I haven't used this with any liquid product yet, but if you want to know if it will work just comment below and I'll try it. 

The bristles are syntethic, it is recommended that the brush be tapped rather than swiped/swirled on the product and it should pick up the right amount every time. YAY!!! for not being wasteful. :3

The brush is $12.95 on the Sedona Lace website. I would say it's really cheap for the quality it has to offer. I have other Kabuki brushes which are more expensive but doesn't deliver as well as this one does.

Jenny did a comprehensive review of the kabuki brushes here. :3
(I think Jenny's the reason why I kept wanting the SL kabuki midnight lace. :/ When she
fanned out the brush I was like... "Whoaaa!!! I have to get one of those." >o<"
Good thing I finally got it!! Hahaha! )

Jenny has a promo code LOL! xD You can use it to get $4.00 off your purchase from Sedona Lace. =)
My Sigma high definition synthetic kabuki brushes are my all time favorite brushes. =)
 I can say that the quality of the Sedona Lace kabuki is just as great! 
Also, if I compare these brushes I can say that the Sedona Lace is cheaper and it doesn't bleed nor shed. The Sigma brushes don't shed nor bleed either. But the Sedona Lace kabuki dries faster than these babies. Therefore, I am adding the Sedona Lace kabuki to my all time favorite brush list. xD

Have you tried any Sedona Lace product? You should follow them on Twitter & Facebook. They hosts giveaways from time to time. =) All their giveaways are international and they have awesome customer service.


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