Monday, July 11, 2011

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in 6 Powder Pink

NOTE: I purchased the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge last Friday night and have been using it since then. For long hours and under extreme conditions e.g. walking in the rain. :p

I first had a chance to try this blush out at the Bobbi Brown event. At that time I was still not sure whether I wanted to purchase it or not. I have many blushers that I still need to use so I tried to control myself. The rest of the story is quite easy to figure out, isn't it? But I have no regrets. I am actually loving this product! 

Pictures and swatches:

Price - 1,500 Php

The packaging looks like it's made for professional makeup artists. 
Quite plain in my opinion - not catchy in my opinion. It has a black cover and a glass bottom that contains the product. (Not a fan of the packaging. :P)

I got - Shade 6 Powder Pink

Unscrewed to reveal the pot of rouge.

A warm pink shade that will look flattering on light skinned ladies.
It is a warm pink which gives a nice sun kissed glow! :3 For your reference I am NC 30 in MAC and am considered to be fair skinned (not so in my opinion. :P) 



- I use brushes, either the Sigma F82 or F84. (Any brush designed for cream products can be used.)
- One may also use her fingers to apply the products directly to the apples of the cheeks or lips.

This product is very easy to blend and apply. Creamy to the touch but not overly done. It goes on smoothly and does not form into chunks and streak like other cream blushes do.

 - Subtle cherry candy like scent which I like.

- Amazing! Lasts for long hours on my cheeks and I have combination-oily skin.
+ I ran in the rain wearing this blush thrice on different occasions and it didn't smear or streak on my cheeks. :3

May seem a bit expensive but you're getting a lot of product. I don't think I will ever use it all up on my own. Luckily one of the babies(my sister) like the blush and will also be using  it. She mentally claims whatever she likes as her own so I will be getting most out of the product.

- The product is quite pigmented. One only needs to apply a little, otherwise that person will end up looking like a clown.
- Not sure whether this color will show up on ladies with darker skin.

- As the product is contained in a pot. One may fear the dreadful contamination of germs. (Use a brush, a spatula or cotton bud when using the product. Never dip your unclean fingers in it.)
- I find it a bit too drying on the lips.(A lip balm is needed to moisturize.)

I haven't tried it as a base like Pammy did. She has a review of the calypso coral here. I just use it on its own and it's amazing!

I am in love with this product! I needed to rave about it! This is why I'm posting this review first. :P I do not regret purchasing it because I believe it is worth it. I love the shade and it looks natural on my skin. I can also use it as a balm or days when I am feeling extremely lazy and just want a bit of color on my face. Note that this will look natural if properly applied.

Thank you Pammy for being B.I. and showing the swatches of Calypso Coral on your blog. I WUBBB YEWWW!!! <3

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Honeylushy said...

great review! I really like my bobbi brown pot rouge ... i wanna get the calypso coral but I'm trying to resist buying makeup for he next bit!

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