Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kerastase Institute by Salon ESA - winning #YAP4GRABS! :D

Truth be told I am not a person who cares for my hair. While I might splurge on skincare, makeup and other items I never bother much with my hair. If you follow my blog, you might remember that I said I don't even comb my hair on a daily basis. Well, I do color it to hide gray hairs and just use Lush Daddy-O because I heard it is great for removing brassiness from colored hair.

Last mother's day while it was raining cats and dogs and we stayed home I saw Mr. Tim Yap tweet, "Why does your mom rock?" I immediately tweeted back that my mom rocks because unlike most mom's who just teach their children how to be pretty, proper and such my mom was the one who taught me how to be strong and fight back.

I somehow ended up winning a #YAP4GRABS for me and my mom at the Kerastase Institute by Salon ESA. I was elated!!! While I may seem to be on a winning streak nowadays which completely stuns me every time I win. I have not actually been a very lucky person. So each time I win something I still get blown away. (Like, WHOOOAAA!!! O.o)

We wore robes while getting the hair treatment. I suppose this is to ensure that we don't stain our clothes. Scroll down to see what my salon experience was like. :3

My hair before the treatment. Colored, naturally wavy and DRY!!
(See. I put a smiley to depict how I excited I was to get the treatment.)

Salon interiors are clean, well kept and impeccable. 

It had the right blend of style and usability (in my opinion). Another word that might fit the description is posh. Well yes, it may seem posh. And yes, you may get intimidated by what you see now but my first question when I was given their flyer was, "Ate, bakit po mura yun treatments nyo?" O.o (Miss, why are your treatments cheap?) My consultant was taken aback by my stupid  question. She explained that they have lowered their prices to cater to the needs of their clients.

Kerastase Treatments cost around 1,250-3,500Php - majority of the treatments are below 2,000Php. Yes that's cheap! That's what you pay for when you go to cheap salons isn't it? And other salons don't treat customers as nice as they do here.

My mom getting her hair examined. They have this state of the art machine which lets you see your hair and scalp in detail. When I say in detail think macro mode x 99 of your cameras. After examining the hair and scalp, they will recommend what treatment is suited for your hair. 

My mom's scalp is healthy but her hair is a bit dry.

You might be wondering why I'm posting my mom's pictures instead of mine. It just so happened that I almost freaked out and ran out of the salon when I saw my hair and scalp. LOL! I am in no way showing you the pictures of what my scalp and hair looked like at the monitor. (insert evil laugh here)

My mom was advised to get the Olei Fusion which is a treat for dry and sensitized hair; while I got the Peeling Purifiant a deep purification to eliminate dandruff.

The consultants are very nice and polite. Before they apply the treatments, they will tell the customer what the name of the product is, what's it for and why they'll be using it. 

Totally candid shot of me and my mom.
They have leg chairs which allow customers to put their legs up and chillax (chill+relax) while getting their treatments.

I shall call this the peak of cam whoring pic. LOL!

They also offer beverages and give magazines. :3 
I was playing with my phone while we were there though so I just drank the icetea and nibbled at the free oreo they also gave me (and, I also ate my mom's oreos). 

Getting my hair blow dried. 


My hair looks nice, no? I bet my scalp looks a lot nicer too. :3


My hair is a bit more softer and more healthier now. I suppose we all need to pamper ourselves once in a while; having hair treatments which other consider to be a luxurious thing is completely discretionary.

As for me, I am definitely going back to get another treatment because I enjoyed the experience. I was also advised to get an Oleo Fusion. I just didn't want to at that time because my mom was going to leave me and was heading to Rustan's to go shopping. 

The consultants are very accommodating and polite (I am stressing this because some salon attendants behave like they just want to get rid of you sometimes.) If you noticed I patronize places, restaurants and products that have good customer service.

Location : Kerastase Institute by Salon ESA, Ground Floor 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines For more information about Kerastase Products and Salon ESA you may visit their site HERE.

Thank you to Mr. Tim Yap, Miss Maita Gaerlan, the staff and consultants of Kerastase Institute by Salon E S A.

Just a heads up! Follow @iamtimyap to get a chance to win a #YAP4GRABS - seriously, you should! Not only will he keep you updated and in the know with the latest events in the Metro. He also gives out the coolest prices! :)

Posting a close up of the studs I picked up during my last haul as requested. 

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