Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paul & Joe - gifts that made me smile

NOTE: You will see the words pretty, love and cute abused and redundantly used below. (But hey, that's what I really think and that's how I really feel.) 

A gift was sent to me by Paul & Joe Philippines. 

I went, "OOOOooooohhhhhh pretty!" when I saw this. Of course I waited for the "Manong" delivery guy to leave me and I thanked him before I said that and ogled at the paper bag. I just felt all giddy, warm and fuzzy inside. 
YAY! <3 Paul and Joe is so generous to have given me a gift. And, I'm ever so thankful to them! From now on I will patronize their products! Wait, I already do that... Paul & Joe is one of my favorite makeup brands after all. 

For a closer look on the leaflet  click.
From the 2011 limited summer collection, L'Horizon Bleu.

Products were received as gifts. 

I was actually saving up to get the Blue travel bag because it's so cute. It's also quite useful and has a big room for when I travel. Now, I have it! Glee! Must get the other one too! LOL!

Paul & Joe always comes up with the cutest prints. 
Hullow cute whales on the print! :3

Roomy, lots of space for makeup & toiletries. I think I will fill this up with Paul & Joe products so it will always be pretty. I love the whale on the zipper too! 

"One double ended Eye Gloss Duo will give your eyes a stunning sparkling pearl finish and a sexy metallic colour. Use the jelly base together for long lasting, application."

Secret D'Or (01)
 Price - 1,650 Php

I own a similar product to the golden shade.
Left: Paul & Joe's Eye Gloss N in 01. 


The 1st color is a light neutral brown shade which is great for everyday wear. It is more opaque than the golden shade. 
The 2nd one is golden yellow,  has more shimmers or sparkles to it and is rather sheer. 
3rd swatch are the two colors combined. When blended together, they produce this gorgeous color which is a golden brown shade which has a hint of bronze to it.  

Please note that the colors below look kind of washed out. These appear more vivid in real life.

Glides on easily - very creamy & easy to apply.  I would have to warn you that the golden yellow shade though has tons of micro shimmers in it. 

Both colors be used alone and  as a base. The golden yellow shade can be used as a highlight or can be used to top off eye makeup to make it more sparkly.

I have always wanted to try the Paul & Joe skincare line since I have heard so many good things about it from friends and other bloggers. I picked up the hand cream and the moisture gel at their sale. (No, this was not a practice of self control. I forgot my wallet and just had some spare on my pocket. Hahaha!)

I have to hand it to them for making products look so girly and beautiful.
The one thing that I love about their skincare line at this point is the scent (Haven't tried these long enough to give a proper review) All their products have a very refreshing/relaxing citrus scent.

I was surprised when this was given to me. This was from a previous collection but I really like it.

I filled it with accessories of all sorts! This will make a nice addition to my dresser. 

Expect more Paul & Joe posts in the future (like this weekend..? xD LOL!). I plan to get more stuff from their sale because it's still ongoing. 

Thank you so much to Miss Maan, brand executive of Paul & Joe and my favorite S.A. Marlon. <3 It's amazing to see people who are onhands with their work and are very kind to their customers.

I will do a FOTD using the eye gloss duo too, so stay tuned for that post. Thank you for reading! :)

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