Friday, July 22, 2011

A Haul of All Sorts..

This is a collective haul  post, from last week to this day. :) Please don't scroll down if you do not want to see hauls. Thank you! ^-^ 

Paul & Joe Protective Fluid Foundation S
Price - 2,350.00 Php
Chanel Vitalumiere is still my HG and favorite foundation but if I were to choose a 2nd best this would be it. Let me know if you want to see a review on it. It has a mild cooling sensation which I love! However, I find that my skin still gets oily after 3 hours. :( 

I wasn't supposed to get this but 3 sets were sold while I was there so I couldn't resist buying since it was such a good deal at 2,350Php. :)

The set includes: Intensive Whitening Essence (100 ML), Light Cleansing Milk N (25ml), Refreshing Skin toner (25ml) and Whitening Serum (5ml) + pouch

I still have many skincare products I ought to finish so I will be keeping these as backups. 

Random Korean Haul:
Nail polishes and are under Php 200Php; lipliner is also under 200Php and the gel liner is below 600Php.

3 nail polishes from the Face Shop. All the colors are opaque. :)I also picked up some tools from there but did not include it in the picture.
Tony Moly Eyeliner Gel in Brown and Berry Lovely Lip Liner in 01.

_DiscoHeaven - Stereo Headphones
Price - 1,790.00

New headphones because Hamham(my sister) keeps using mine. I saw these really cute headphones from Nikki's blog which I thought were really pretty so I got myself one. Hamham now claims this as hers though so I suppose I ought to get another one but I really like this color. :/

I finally got the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool! 

YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! =) I was so excited to try this that I just used it and assumed that the white bristles were the softest. It hurt!!! After I finished washing my face I checked the leaflet and found out it was the firm one. >.< Lesson learned: Read instructions next time and don't get too excited. 

I also recieved various samples and products from Pammy because we had an exchange gift. LOL! YAAAYYYY!!! <3 Thank you so much Pammycakes! <3 I would have taken a picture of the cute packaging but my little sister ruined it. hehe. >.< I have tried the BB cream, the shampoo. :D
I am so excited to try everything! <3

Have a great weekend everyone! :3

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Katherine said...

Fantastic haul! I love Paul & Joe cosmetics :)

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