Monday, July 4, 2011

NYC Lip Slider in Sugar Angel

N.Y.C. Lip Slider in Sugar Angel

Comes in a slide-tin can and there's a clear plastic window that allows you to see the color of the product.
I think the packaging is easy to tote around since it's not bulky.

As you can see this product has gone on a lot of trips with me. :3

Swatched on a cotton pad.
A lovely coral shade. This product gives a rather sheer but lovely hint of color on the lips. 

Swatch on lips.

I couldn't choose which one I liked better so I'll go ahead and post both lip swatches.

I use this gloss for days when I don't feel like wearing makeup since it only gives my lips a lovely hint of color.
The product was donated given to me by Pammy. She also has a review of NYC Lip sliders here.


- Gives a subtle coral shade which is perfect for natural or the no makeup, makeup look.
- Can be used to top off lipstick. 
- The product can easily be brought with you wherever you go.
- Affordable.
- Sweet scent. :3


- The product is a bit goopy, tacky and a little thick. 
- Hygienic persons may have a problem dipping their fingers on the tub.
- Not locally available.

- This is an ok product for me during the day but I find that it tends to leave my lips dry when I take it off. I don't know if other people have had that similar experience but I have very dry lips.

Like Pammy I wish it were a bit more pigmented because it is rather a bit thick for the very subtle color that it gives. I do like this product. :3 I like it because of Pammy! And because it has my name on it LOL! Also the coral shade is pretty. So I can't say if I like it or if I don't but I like Pammycakes! <3

My wi-fi has really been going crazy lately. Also I started playing an RPG game on my iphone. I probably won't go back to posting normally until I finish it. (It usually takes me about 1-5 days to finish a game.) :p

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