Monday, July 25, 2011

Cuteness Overload!!! Jaqs :3

One of the better ways to start the week is by sharing a bunch of cute pictures. :3 This time, I will be sharing pictures of my first cousins once removed, Jaqs whom I shall fondly refer to as my nephew because it makes my life easier. :P

Hullow! I'm Jaqs. This is my first time to go malling and I'm not too keen on all the people telling my mom that they want to pinch my cheeks. :/

Jaqs is one of the sweetest and most intelligent kids I have ever come across. Although he tends to be shy and does not like to be around big crowds. He doesn't approach people and usually takes a while before he starts to trust, warm up and start playing with strangers.

Always observing, always lost in thought if not wrecking havoc like all little boys do, LOL! =)

Quite a brave little tot, he can devour a calamansi. LOL! xD And he never cries when he gets vaccinations and doesn't cry when he gets hurt due to his mistakes.

See what healthy big teeth I have! Those are so I can smile at girls like this. :)

He likes to dance and sing. His favorite song is Justin Beiber's Baby. x) But his favorite hobby is dismantling his toys then putting them back together. At the age of 2 he could tell all the different letters of the alphabet in small and big letters; he also knows all the colors and he can play and operate the itouch quite well. 

Jaqs with his grandfather. :3 Last picture on the right should have this caption, "I also want a Montblanc fountain  pen. x)" 

with my cousins and my brother Jammy. 

Weeeee!!! :3

Jaqs also has a thing for clothes and shoes. If he doesn't like what he's wearing he will take it off. x) LOL!

Have a great week everyone! I hope you like Jaqs' pictures. :3

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