Monday, January 3, 2011

NYE 2010-2011 =) (might be pic heavy)

First post for 2011!
Happy new year everyone! :) It's a new decade. I'm going to share some pictures from NYE. Yeah, yeah I know my post is late and I'm lagging on posting but I got sick on NYE and I'm still sick now. What a way to start the year right...? :/
I was such a crabby patty during NYE celebration.

A tradition - fruit bowl for prosperity. 
My siblings tradition hahaha!
Pretty candles :3

My family is uncooperative & unsopportive of me taking photos of food. I had to take the pictures while the food was being prepared. :/
Crispy pata and fried chicken
See... There isn't much food on the table yet. And as a tradition we are supposed to have lots of
food on NYE for prosperity too LOL! xD
My mom's salad + cheese platter and olives which I don't like. :/
Glorious steak muwahahaha! :)
Pastry tray :3
more sweets love love! :p
and we had a little table on the side because all the food wouldn't fit in the dining table. 
Kare-kare and colorful dumplings for hot pot
I just took a photo because I think it's pretty

drunken sisters? LOL!
you've seen my sisters now, it's time for me to introduce my baby brother, bubi. :p
he's fluffy!!!!!!!! 

Ok, ok... My next post will be related to makeup. :p Stay tuned ok? LOL! Hope everyone has a good year! 


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