Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sleek i-Divine Sparkle Palette

Hi everyone! I will be turning another year older this week. Oh yeah, level up mode! :P 

Anyway, last December, the ever so wonderful, Shadada Karim of Adventures in Makeup offered to send me her Sleek i-divine palette. I believe the palette did not work for her and she didn't want to waste it so she offered to send it to me. I was shocked... O.O Yeah, I really was. I couldn't believe that she would be that generous. The Sparkle palette is limited edition. I may not be as lucky as some people are, and getting a palette was like winning a contest/giveaway for me. 

And so to make the long story short I received the palette last Monday. YAAAYYY!!!! xD 

Front view
back view
Not much going on here. The packaging is sleek, simple and sturdy.
The palette. The colors are so vivid and gorgeous!
fallout everywhere but the colors are still lovely
I wish the camera would pick up the sparkles/glitters of the palette. :/

Swatches - All colors were swatched over Etude House's primer
First row swatches
I know I am terrible at swatching... But I try... :3
2nd raw swatches 
All the colors are so pigmented and sparkly! 
I super loveeeeeeetttttt!!!!!

- sparkly, shimmery a must for those who love glittery and sparkly stuff like me. :3
- color payoff is awesome.
- the colors blend well and don't entirely disappear when blended together.
- blendable & smooth although not as creamy as Urban Decay, non of the colors is chalky.

- fallout. :( one must be very gentle with the E/S or else it will get everywhere.
- not available in my country. :(

Of course I just had to try it out! 
-Etude House - Precious BB Cream Mineral #2 Sheer Silky Skin
- MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC30
- Smashbox Blush/Soft Lights Duo Under/Cover

-Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
-MAC Loud Lash Mascara
-Skinfood Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil #6 Brown
-MAC Brow Set in Beguille A10
- In2it Waterproof gel liner in WG01 very black
Sleek i-Divine Sparkle E/S in Festive & Illusion
Guerlain Paris Divinora in Mauve Acuer No. 63
-Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick (Gold)

- Etude House Moon Crystal Power Gloss (Purple/Lavander)
I also smothered a light purple eyeshadow on my lips from my  Smashbox Eye Shadow Palette in Classifeyed

Close up.. :) 
Can you see the wrinkles on my forehead? 
All my wrinkles are on my forehead LOL!
Please ignore my silly ribbon. LOL!
The colors are just so vibrant & vivid.

Also included in my package is a Habibi Body - Sugar Cane perfume

You might be wondering what Sugar cane smells like? We have many sugar canes in my country and I believe they smell really sweet. This perfume doesn't smell like Sugar Cane to me but has a very saccharine scent that is so subtle that lasts for a decent amount of time and is very wearable. 
I actually hate perfume oils but really like this one as it doesn't feel sticky and is easily absorbed by the skin when applied.
My sister has been trying to claim this as hers but I said it was a gift so she can't have it. >:)

Thank you so much for the wonderful package, Ms. Shadada!!!! You truly made me happy. :) As in super happy!!! I really love how pigmented and sparkly the palette is and will promise to use it.

Ms. Shadada's blog is @ Adventures in Makeup if you aren't yet a follower please pay her blog a visit. You're really missing out if you haven't been following her. She hosts the most awesome giveaways, does daily makeup looks and is one of the most honest person ever in reviewing products. I super love her!!! 


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