Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etude House-romantic beauty stand, romantic handy mirror & Lioele Princess Mirror

Hello. ^___^ Today, I would like to share pictures of a few accessories I have recently acquired. First, is the Etude House Romantic Beauty Stand.
It looks like this. 
I use it to keep my brushes and some glosses & mirrors so they will be all easy to locate.
I am sorry if it's messy. I am not OC like most girls are. :(
It is ornately decorated and is very pretty. I think it will look
good on top of any dresser. :) The material from which it is made seems
durable & this is pretty thick.
That's me in my pajamas. LOL! xD
The best thing about this beauty stand is it's pretty affordable. It 
costs less than or about 200Php or is less than $5. :p

 Now, on to the next accessories - the Etude House Romantic Handy Mirror and the Lioele Princess Mirror
Yes, the disparity in the size of the two is undeniable. The Lioele mirror
is small.. Too tiny for my liking but it can be really helpful and is more portable. Hehe. >o<"
Etude House's Romantic Handy Mirror
Liole Princess Mirror.
The details on this mirror are so pretty but I'm a big person & this kind
of looks funny when I am holding it. :p 

Please do not scroll down if you hate seeing my pictures. :3 I would just like to share something with my friends. So, I took a picture this evening wearing BB cream on my face and lo and behold... 

I hate it when this happens. >o<"
My solution is to fix the lighting of the picture.. 
Well, the ones you will see below may seem a bit too edited but I just changed 
the lighting because I want my pictures to be prettier. x)

Cropped & changed exposure/lighting but you can still see the uneven skin tone. 
However, I think the original picture is a bit more obvious.
In black and white.

I use Photoscape to edit pictures - to crop, resize, change lighting, put effects or whatever. :3 I don't have Adobe Photoshop on my laptop. I think that it isn't for lazy people like me and it's a bit too complicated. xD
Photoscape is also a free software so if you need a program to edit your pictures, I'd say give it a try. ;)

It's going to be weekend soon. YAAAYYYY!!! xD

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