Friday, January 7, 2011

REVIEW - Paul & Joe Summer 2010 Sahara Collection in 01 Caravan

Paul & Joe is a French-Japanese makeup brand that's more often than not raved about by Youtube gurus and bloggers. It is known for it's unique, cute packaging and the quality of its products. (If it's France + Japan, two well known centers for arts, fashion and beauty, how can one go wrong, right?) 

Paul & Joe Summer 2010 Sahara Collection 
From L-R 01 Caravan, 02 Sahara, 03 Morocco

Being the curious person I am, I thought I'd give it a try and picked up the shade 01 Caravan lipstick at Rustan's Makati last November.
The packaging is just sooo gorgeous!!! :3.
Sooo pretty right? x)
It's cool to the eyes and is not made of paper like other P&J lipsticks. 
Can you see the gold shimmers? :)
This in my book is MLBB - My Lips But Better shade. 
01 is a pink-coral, has gold shimmers and is kind of frost IMO.
It's finish is very sheer. 

- The product is very creamy and easily glides on as applied. I find that it is best to mix this with other lipsticks.
- It's a very pretty color on its own and can be built by applying several layers. 
- It is very moisturizing. This is the only lipstick I own that I don't feel the need to wear a lip balm prior to lipstick application. 
- It doesn't settle on fine lines unlike some lip products do. 
- I don't recall if it has a scent and I can't confirm because my nose is stuffed right now. But I don't  probably doesn't have one or is tolerable in case it does because I would have remembered if it did.
- The staying power is decent. One will find the need to re-apply every now and then.
- This doesn't stain my lips and can easily be removed. 
- The only downside to this product is the price which is not cheap. :) And I think it's only available at Rustan's, Makati.


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