Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub Review + Lush min haul

What Lush says - Our fabulous lip scrubs are here to keep your kissers sweet. This one will make your lips smell like our best-selling Snow Fairy shower gel. Bubblegum is made with exfoliating castor sugar and our delicious vegan flavour to gently scrub away rough skin, keeping your lips smooth and kissably soft. Simply rub it over your lips when they're feeling the need for some sugar.

Directions - Rub a little gently into your lips to scrub them
smooth and soft.
Ingredients: Castor Sugar  (Sucrose), Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Flavour,  CI 45410, CI 45380. *Occurs naturally in essential oils Vegan
Soooo pink!! I love the smell. It smells like Bubble gum and snow cone - I have always been addicted to anything that is Bubble gum flavored e.g. icecream, cotton candy, scents, and the list goes on...
Kind of looks like snowcone, no?

Swatches below are done on the back of my hand just because I got overly excited and overscrubbed my lips. And no, it wasn't Lush's fault. x) I was scrubbing my lips for like 15 minutes non stop. I kind of resembled a duck afterwards. So no lip pictures ok? :3 LOL!
Not greasy or oily. It's rather dry and is very gentle as long as you don't overdo it.

1. Gentle on the lips. As long as you don't over scrub like I did.
2. Not greasy. 
3. Edible.. I'm not sure if this is a pro but I'm listing it down here anyway because it's quite yummy.
4. Scent is super nice!!! Lovex3! <3

1. It's kind of expensive, but then again you are getting a lot of product with this jar.
2. Can be too dry for other people. I know some people prefer their lip scrubs to be a bit more spreadable or to have a creamier consistency.
3. The jar is kind of a bother. :/ I don't know why cosmetic companies always put their products in these jars but one who does not want to contaminate the product will find that a cotton bud or a small spatula is needed to keep the jar free from germs. x)

Of course I wasn't able to resist and had to pick up some soaps too---
Pretty packaging. :3


Another gift box

Honey I Washed The Kids, Porridge Soap, I think the unlabeled soap is Snowcake.

I do like Lush soaps. The only problem I have with these soaps is that they melt easily... :/

Do you also like Lush products? Do you have dry-chapping lips like I do? :/

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- Etude House Cloud Cleansing Bubble Oil, GEO Xtra series, Kose - Fasio Gradation Eyeshadow (Brown), Etude House Moon Crystal Power Glosses...
Help me choose which ones you would like to know about first.
Thank you! :)

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