Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking back at 2010 (Picture Heavy)

WARNING!!! This post contains excessive pictures with my face all over it. If you hate seeing me, please don't scroll down. (You have been warned.)
Thank you.

Another year has gone by so fast. I realized that I have been reviewing and posting about places, food and makeup yet I have never really posted about myself. :p

So I decided to share some random pictures from 2010 with all of you. I initially intended to post pictures of some guys who I liked/dated/had a huge crush on but decided against it since I might violate their privacy. :p Plus someone might point out that he/she knows one of those guys.

Night life:
I have not gone out since I started law school and have therefore decided that I need to unwind and relax sometimes, lest I go crazy from stress. x) One of my professors once said, "Study hard, party harder!" - he was a bar topnotcher. So, I kind of took his word and tried to experience what it was like to party. xD
Blow Job at Izakaya Greenbelt
Randomly shooting at the crowd LOL! xD
Life is a glass of maraschino cherries! 

Pose, pose :p
At the lobby - Republiq, Newport Manila
At Icon, Intercontinental Hotel Makati with friends

Somewwhere in Tomas Morato

Hehehe. I have no words for the photos below except that all the photographers are talented and I'm thankful to have been given a chance to work with them.  
By: Paolo Zalameda
By: Ash Castro
By: Lestha1

By: Fritz Dalida
I fell down and got a big booboo on my knee the night before the shoot. xD

Random moments:

Anyone who knows me would know I value my family very much. I appreciate and love all the members of my family although they might not be aware of it. :p

♥ ♥ ♥

Family picture 
Night swimming xD
my dad and my youngest sister, Enky
My dad with my sister, Bea
Duddy and I.

2010 was sure one heck of a year. :) I surely learned a lot of new things and will be forever thankful for all the experiences be it a happy or painful lesson or memory. I hope 2011 will be better (in case it isn't I'll just view it as a challenge and will strive harder) for all of us. 
Advance happy new year everyone!

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it. -Author Unknown

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