Thursday, January 6, 2011

Great gifts come in Purple!

Hi everyone! Have you heard about Rustan's purple card?

The purple card is an electronic card by Stores Specialists, a company that handles luxury brands it enables the bearer to shop in stores.

I would say that it's more of a debit card than a credit card as it is pre-loaded by the giver with denominations that range from 1,000Php to P10,000Php.

Thanks to my father I got 2 for Christmas. xD
It comes with a detailed brochure/guide where you can use the card.

I put a black square on the card number for privacy. :)
(There is no telling what some weirdos out there might do.)
I actually have no idea how much mine have as I have not gone shopping yet. :/

Below is the list of stores where it can be used:

Hello fashionistas! I'm sure you want one too. x)

More info:

My thoughts:

I have been sick since new year and haven't ventured to Rustan's just yet. I wonder if I can use the card to purchase makeup? Hmmm... It would be great if I could! I really like that thought mwahahaha! Pammy should get one too if that's the case. x) I mean, get a free one from Rustan's LOL! :) 

If I can't use it to purchase makeup then I will probably making a trip to Lush and the other SSI stores. :) It's not so bad.. I still say the Purple card rocks!!!

Btw, Pammy said Guerlain  is on sale up to January 31. Must get well and pay them a visit. 


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