Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stlylish blogger award + OOTD

Loooooong post please bear with me as I go yaddah-yaddah or simple scroll down to see who I tagged. :)

I received this award from the lovely & stylish Inspired Makeup please do check her blog. ^_^

-Link back the person who awarded you this award.

-Share 7 things about your self.

-Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
-Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Random 7 things about me:

1. My mind completely freezes and goes lagging to the Nth level whenever I talk to a cute/handsome guy
- Well the last time I was introduced to a good looking guy I just froze and stared at him. My sister says it was kind of snobby, really, but my mind was just completely not working. I could've probably been run over by a truck and would've forgotten to move from the spot I was in.
There was this one time where a really cute model kept checking me out and I was like a mouse scampering away from him. He even tried to escort me because it was so crowded and I almost fell and scampered away again without thanking him, BWAHAHAH!!! Hello, manners..? (>o<") Major fail!! <--- MAJOR REGRET OF 2010

2. I stand at 5 feet and 11 inches tall.
- Notice how everyone seems so petite when I stand beside them? LOL! I am just too tall and everyone in my family is. :)

3. I am allergic to love stories.
- EHHHH?!?! Well yeah... I can't stand watching drama and girls crying and stories that are so predictable.
The last time I tried to see a love story in a movie house 12 years ago, I kept fidgeting and annoyed the hell off my friend. Half of the time I was asleep because the love story bored me to death.

4. I am a good liar.
- Although I would rather not lie especially to people I care for. :p I believe that talent to lie is a gift that shouldn't be abused LOL! xD

5. I scare the hell off people for no apparent reason.
- I have never really bitten anyone really, but people tend to be scared of me even if I am not doing anything.

6. I have the worse sleeping and eating habits.
I have a pet and his name is Puffy, he's a magic dragon he lives inside my tummy and devours everything I eat. LOL! :p
I am just the type of person who sometimes forgets to eat. There are days when my sister would remind me that I haven't eaten anything at 7pm. :p Then there are days when I'd go eat every hour or so... I have been constantly blamed for girlfriends who put on weight when they are around me. Because I keep feeding them whenever I eat. ROTFL! =))
Puffy would look something like this.
Soooo cute & fluffy right? :p

7. Most of my friends are guys.
- Ever since I can remember I have been playing and talking with guys although I am not athletic or sporty I just get along with guys better. In High School and elementary all my best friends were (straight) guys LOL! I have been constantly branded as one of the boys. :p

I am awarding the 15 gorgeous ladies in no particular order.:

1. Jenny -
2. Melody -
3. Angie -
4.Shop n' Chomp -
5. Pammy -
7. Noe Mae -
8. Nic Nic -
9. Jenn -
10. Say -
11. Mishi -
12. Georgina -
13. Clara -
14. ML -
15. Donnarence -

OOTD which is more like of an OOTN with me this time around, LOL! xD

As a little girl my dad always bought me the prettiest dresses and people would often comment on how cute my dresses were. Take note, people were commenting on the dresses and not me LOL! :p

My dad still buys clothes for me up to now. He bought the pink-ruffled dress on a trip to Hongkong and said he saw a cute girl who was wearing a really pretty dress so my mom asked where the girl got it. They bought clothes for me and my sisters. xD

Blazer/coat - Colour-Eighteen
Ruffled Dress - Le pommier
Rings - Forever 21
Headband - SM Dept. Store
Boots - Robinson's Department Store 
Knee socks from HK. 

Beanie Hat -  Kush

I wonder if you lovely ladies would want to see more OOTDs..?  :) If you do, please let me know. ^^ 

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