Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sleek blush BY3 in Pumpkin

Quick post! Initial thoughs plus swatches. 

 I just wanted to try Sleek blushes but couldn't make up my mind which color should I get so when I saw the Blush By3 I knew I just had to get it! This was sent by a friend from London. I thought I'd share the swatches with everyone.

The colors arevibrant and seem kind of intimidating in the pan. 

I won't be doing a full review because I have not worn the blushes so I cannot attest to the lasting power throughout the day.

Packaging is nothing special - like Sleek eyeshadows it comes in a Black plastic-y palette. It has a big mirror, is compact and looks sturdy.

L-R: Lantern, Squash and Pumpkin Pie. 
Lantern - Coral Red with shimmers.
Squash - Satin Pink with blue tones.
Pumpkin Pie - Matte Orange. 

I knew these were pigmented but the colors shocked me when I swatched these. All the swatches above were swiped once and the color payoff is amazing; so amazing that one has to be sure to apply it with caution in order not to look like a clown.

The texture is not as silky or soft as high end blushes, but is good enough for the price. 

All the blushes are easy to blend. All the colors would probably compliment most skin tones too and are perfect for summer! :)

Sorry if I've been MIA (missing in action lately),  I just haven't been myself and would rather not spread any negativity. I just don't want to rant or snap at anyone. I just need some time to sort myself out. Thank you to everyone who still finds time to check my blog. 

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