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Haughty Cosmetics Perfect Finish Lip Glosses

Haughty Cosmetics Perfect Finish Lip Glosses
A bunch of Pink lip glosses for different moods and different occasions with warm and cool undertones. :)

Have you ladies heard of Haughty Cosmetics? 
I learned about Haughty Cosmetics from the Adventures in Makeup Blog. Shahada has a great blog with honest reviews on a wide variety of products; I make a point to visit the blog often. I was delighted when she had a giveaway of these lip glosses. I joined but did not initially win; I won on the 2nd time winner was drawn. 
Thank you first winner for not claiming the prizes! Thank you Shahada and Haughty Cosmetics! These lip glosses truly made me happy! 

Each retail for $21 USD. 
Some might say that the glosses are a bit pricey, but these glosses are worth the price and according to owner, Michelle: "I'm committed to donating 50% of net profits from the sale of Haughty products to domestic violence prevention education. It's important to me that the work I do every day helps prevent young people from getting trapped in unhealthy, abusive, and violent situations. Nothing fulfills me more than hearing from survivors who tell me that they got out of a bad situation and now want to help others." 

Plus, their products are also cruelty free - "Tested on divas, never on animals." 

Product Description - "Quit using balm under lipstick under gloss! My lip gloss FEELS AWESOME and STAYS ON. It doesn't sing the Hallelujah chorus when you open it, but it should. I knew this product was ready for primetime when my friends, my mom, and everyone else I knew got completely addicted to it. Seriously, you have to try it to believe it. It's the fastest way to feel polished, confident, pretty and put-together all day long." 

I say these lip glosses are fantastic! The formula is amazing. The glosses do provide moisture, hence there is no longer a need for a separate lip balm. The formula of these lip glosses reminds me of Lunasol's full glamour lips, pigmented yet not opaque to make the lips look overdone or fake. 
These glosses go on smoothly and apply evenly. These do not feel gritty despite the shimmers some of the colours may contain. These do not settle on fine lines - one may layer the product without it looking like a pile of gunk on the lips. Although not the lightest of the lip glosses I have come across, the formula is also not as heavy as with other lip glosses that are pigmented.
I think the glosses may contain lip plumping ingredients as I feel a tingling sensation on my lips when I apply.

Simple yet glamorous.The cap is silver and has a pattern. The tube which contains the product is clear and sleek.  
I like the applicator, it is slim and has a sponge tip; it is longer than the usual doe foot applicator. 

The pigment lasts for hours but may wear off when you eat, smoke or drink. The shine/sheen stays on for about the couple of hours or so. 

Glossy - gives a lovely sheen on the lips without shimmer over-kill. 

Smells sweet and reminds me of Vanilla. Those sensitive to scents might want to reconsider as the scent may linger for a while. 

Swatches. All swiped once.
From Left to RightBelieve,Be Yourself,Choose Happiness,Have Faith,Inspire,Live Free or Die,
Overdeliver, and Roll with it.

swiped once. taken in natural lighting.

taken with flash.
Believe -light peach
Be Yourself - warm, bright pink
Choose Happiness - light cool pink
Have Faith - very light, baby pink
Inspire - rosy pink
Live Free or Die - bright coral
Overdeliver - cool, violet mauve
Roll with it - light coral

Lip swatches:


Be Yourself

Choose Happiness

Have Faith.

Live Free or Die.


Roll with it.

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